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Investigate a murder in Lillandril.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Lillandril — Investigate the strange murder of a Sapiarch in Lillandril.
Quest Giver: Faralan at four different points of the city; Vivienne Muric
Location(s): Lillandril, Saltbreeze Cave
Reward: Fallen Scholar's Epaulets
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
The Sapiarchs of Lillandril imprisoned a member of the Mages Guild. The authorities are convinced this mage murdered one of Lillandril's sapiarchs, but the particulars seem murky. There may be more to this murder than meets the eye.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Faralan to learn about the murder that has occurred in the town.
  2. Find Vivienne and talk to her for more details.
  3. Talk to the accused Mages Guild member.
  4. Carry out your own investigation of the murder.
  5. Decide Emile's fate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The passphrase for Galidor's Warded Ledger is Mischief - For - Money.

Quest Stages[edit]

Murder In Lillandril
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should ask Vivienne what else she knows about Haladan's murder, and why she believes Emile is innocent despite admitting to the crime.
Objective: Talk to Vivienne
Vivienne asked me to speak to Emile and convince him to recant his murder confession. Though she does not know why he would falsely confess, she is convinced he did not kill Haladan, the Sapiarch who was murdered.
Objective: Talk to Emile
A High Elf arrived shortly after I finished questioning Emile. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Calawende
Calawende suggested I search Galidor's ledger to find out what dealings he had with Emile. The ledger is magically warded, but I can make it readable by learning and reciting a passphrase. Perhaps I'll find some clues in Galidor's room.
Objective: Enter Galidor's Room
Objective: Search Galidor's Room: 0/3
I found several words in Galidor's notes that seem significant. If I say these words in the correct order, perhaps I can reveal the content of Galidor's black market ledger.
Objective: Unlock Galidor's Ledger
I successfully revealed the contents of Galidor's black market ledger! I should read it to determine what he sold Emile in the days before Haladan's murder.
Objective: Read Galidor's Ledger
According to Galidor's ledger, Emile made a very unusual purchase: a keg filled with sheep's blood and several alchemical syringes. I should speak with Calawende. Perhaps she can shed some light on this.
Objective: Talk to Calawende
When he returned to Lillandril, Emile confessed his guilt to a local Lillandril Guard named Milerond. Calawende suggested I speak to Milerond to learn more about Emile's confession and see if there's anything she missed.
Objective: Talk to Milerond
The guard, Milerond, seems convinced that the answers I seek can be found in the nearby Saltbreeze Cave. I should search this cavern for clues.
Objective: Explore Saltbreeze Cave
A shambling stone-skinned creature lurks near a locked door deep within the seaside cave. I must defeat this abomination if I wish to continue my investigation.
Objective: Kill Gerwerdel
The stone creature, Gerwerdel, lingered near a chest that might belong to Haladan. I should see what's inside. Perhaps it will help me gain entry to the locked room nearby.
Objective: Collect the Laboratory Key
They key I found allows me to access the locked room—some kind of laboratory. I should explore thus subterranean workshop. Perhaps I can discover what Haladan and Emile were doing here before the murder.
Objective: Explore the Laboratory
I found a blind vampire hiding in Haladan's laboratory. She does not appear hostile. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Norasea
The vampire, Norasea, explained that the stone abomination, not Emile, murdered Haladan. Haladan's notes and my testimony could exonerate Emile. I should collect these notes.
Objective: Collect Haladan's Notes: 0/3
Haladan's notes corroborate Norasea's story. Emile and Haladan treated her illness with vampirism, and Norasea's deranged companion killed Haladan. Emile's made a false confession to protect Haldan's legacy. I must speak with Emile to settle this.
Objective: Talk to Emile
Emile pleaded with me to keep what I found a secret. I can respect Emile's wishes and allow him to be falsely imprisoned, or I can tell the Sapiarchs the truth, thus destroying Haladan's reputation, and potentially putting Norasea's life in jeopardy.
Complete one: Prove Emile Innocent or Respect Emile's Wishes
Optional Step: Talk to Vivienne
Optional Step: Talk to Calawende
☑Finishes quest (One of these two options will appear depending on your choice to respect Emile's wishes or free him from the accusations)

I chose to respect Emile's wishes and lie to Sapiarch Soraturil, confirming that Emile murdered Haladan. This will ensure the Sapiarchs don't go looking for Norasea, Haladan's friend, and keep Haladan's reputation intact. or I chose to ignore Emile's wishes and tell Sapiarch Soraturil that Emile did not kill Haladan. Emile will go free, but Haladan's reputation will be ruined, and Norasea's life will be imperiled.

Objective: Talk to Sapiarch Soraturil