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Location Alinor Docks
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House of Reveries
Tableau and her easel

Tableau is an Altmer backdrop painter turned artist belonging to the House of Reveries who can be found on the Alinor Docks, where she is struggling to find meaning in her painting. She tasks you with finding a suitably unpolished model in her related quest.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Hulkynd's Heart[edit]

As you approach her, you will hear Tableau cry out in frustration, "No! No! These models just won't do!"

Speak with her to learn her woes about her available models.

"I finally decide to pursue true art, to move beyond painting backdrops for someone else's stage, and what models do I find? Polished! Unblemished! All around boringly beautiful.
I need someone who will give my work meaning. A depth of morality."
Do you have someone in mind?
"As a matter of fact, I do.
I've heard rumors of a hulkynd in the forest outside Rellenthil, a perfect subject for my work. I'd like you to serve as my proxy and arrange a meeting between us. The sinkhole nearby should serve my purpose."
A hulkynd? What's that?
"High Elves who were cast out from their families as children. A horrible fate in our society.
Summerset may appear as perfect as a pastoral painting, but darkness lies backstage. I want to face our taboos without blinking. Will you help me?"
I'll find the hulkynd and arrange a meeting at the sinkhole.
"Thank you for accepting my offer. I'd travel to the hulkynd myself, but the wilderness is no place for an artist. Besides, they may be more willing to talk to a newcomer such as yourself. The hulkynd are well known for being distrustful."

You can then ask her more about hulkynds.

Tell me more about hulkynds.
"High Elves strive for perfection in all things, and their bloodline most of all. Hulkynds are children abandoned by their families for some perceived imperfection, generally a physical deformity.
They're more than just orphans. They're outcasts."
Outcasts? In what way?
"In Summerset, family stands above all. They guide your life, almost immeasurably. To be without family is to be unseen, unrecognized as a member of our society.
There's not much of a life a hulkynd can make for themselves because of that."
Why do you want to meet one?
"I will admit, it's an odd desire. Most don't even wish to speak of them. But as an artist, I find myself fascinated with the subject. I want to capture that taboo. To paint the morally grey, where so many only wish for black and white."

After meeting and aiding Manacar, you'll find Tableau and him at the falls east of Ald Mora Ruins. As you approach, you'll hear:

Tableau : "You've finally arrived! And with quite a … strong stench.
Manacar : "Excuse me a moment, Tableau. I must speak with our mutual acquaintance."

Speak to her before speaking to Manacar and she'll say:

"I'm ever so pleased you could arrange this meeting. Manacar has been the perfect gentlemen, and such a great model! Inspiration is just flooding through me."

After speaking to him, Manacar will attempt to stand and give you further directions, but ....

Manacar : "Lillandril is just to the west. You shouldn't have any trouble—."
Tableau : "Manacar! Didn't I tell you to remain seated? I'm only halfway through this sketch!
Manacar : "I, well … yes. My apologies."

Speak to her after, and she'll say:

"You know, perhaps I'll hire Manacar as my bodyguard. The art world can be quite cut-throat in Summerset, and it's not unheard of to face a few dangers.
Yes, that sounds just perfect."

Bantering with Bandits[edit]

Tableau, unmasked

Follow Cur to the northeastern shore of Summerset where you'll find Tableau among a group of Altmer, presumably the Blackbirds. As you near, you'll hear the following:

Ularfire the Unscrupulous : "Avast! You face Ularfire, the Thoroughly Unscrupulous! Come no closer, or I shall bestow a banquet of bladework upon thy body!"
Manacar : "I'm afraid only skewered meat is on the menu."
Tableau : "Wait, don't hurt him! He's not a real bandit!"
Ularfire the Unscrupulous : "A-a true actor must know when to exit the stage! Farewell!"
And Ularfire the Unscrupulous flees with the rest of the group.
Manacar : "Tableau, what exactly have you gone and done?"

Speak to Tableau and she'll tell you:

"This certainly … played out differently in my head.
Well, I suppose the good news is I was never actually kidnapped, and no one was hurt! All around, not so bad of a turn out."
I think you'd best explain yourself.
"I didn't know what else to do. Manacar had cut off all contact with me when Lilawen became my patron. So I took some, admittedly drastic, measures to get his attention.
I had hoped that he would agree to become my private guard after this."
Why go through all that trouble?
"When I became an artist, I was surrounded by a new set of masks. Pleasant, smiling faces who only cared for my fame.
That's when I realized how important Manacar was to me. He doesn't hide who he is, or how he feels. He truly cares about me."
But he's a hulkynd. Associating with him could ruin your career.
"I understand that, I truly do. But what happiness can I find, if I continue to deny my own feelings? Fame isn't worth that. It isn't worth being apart from the one I care about.
Would you try to convince Manacar to rethink his stance?"
I'll see what I can do.

Speak to her again and she'll say:

"Manacar might not understand, but just know this is my choice. I'm willing to risk it all, if it means keeping him by my side.
Surely you can make him see reason."
Manacar wants you to go back to Lilawen and become the famous artist he knows you can be.
"I just don't understand. Why won't Manacar believe what I say? If he respected my wishes, he would remain by my side!"
How can you complain that he's not respecting your wishes, when you refuse to respect his?
"I never thought of it like that. So he truly believes our association would ruin my career, does he? Then I'll have to respect his wishes. For now, at least.
Thank you for all the help you've been. Even if the outcome isn't quite what I wished for."
Who were those bandits with you?
"Why, they're not bandits at all. They're just my old friends from the House of Reveries.
They thought it was quite entertaining to play at being bandits, though I'm afraid Manacar may have put a bit of a damper on their fun."
So, the Blackbirds were never real?
"Well, they were real once. They disappeared ages ago during one of their smuggling operations. It's always best to masquerade someone who's not around to unmask you."

If you agree with Manacar, you'll hear the following:

Tableau : "So, let me clarify. We can't be together, in order for me to become an artist?"
Manacar : "Yes. It is the only way for you to succeed."
Tableau : "Fine! I'll become the greatest artist Summerset has ever known! And when I do, no one will dare question our relationship."
Manacar : "I … what?"
Tableau : "I haven't given up yet, Manacar. Not by a long shot."
Manacar : "By Stendarr …."
Tableau begins to weep.

Speak to her again after agreeing with Manacar, she'll cheerily say:

"All I have to do is become such a great artist that no one will dare question my relationship with Manacar. And how could I not succeed, with such a motivation?"

If you agree with Tableau, you'll hear the following:

Manacar : "Are you sure you won't regret it? Being associated with a hulkynd?"
Tableau : "I never have, not even for a moment. And I doubt I ever will."
Manacar : "They'll never accept it. You'll be mocked. Shamed."
Tableau : "What if I am? As long as I have you by my side, we can conquer anything. You'll see."
Manacar : "I suppose ... I suppose I will, won't I?"

Speak to her again after agreeing with her, she'll say:

"Thank you for helping Manacar realize the truth.
For now, I'll continue my art. Perhaps I'll lose some prestige, but I don't really mind. In fact, I'm actually looking forward to some peace at once."