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Home Settlement Russafeld
Location Alinor Docks
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House of Reveries
Tableau and her easel

Tableau is an Altmer backdrop painter turned artist belonging to the House of Reveries who can be found on the Alinor Docks, where she is struggling to find meaning in her painting. She tasks you with finding a suitably unpolished model in her related quest.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Hulkynd's Heart[edit]

"No! No! These models just won't do!"
"I finally decide to pursue true art, to move beyond painting backdrops for someone else's stage, and what models do I find? Polished! Unblemished! All around boringly beautiful. I need someone who will give my work meaning. A depth of morality."
Do you have someone in mind?
"As a matter of fact, I do. I've heard rumors of a hulkynd in the forest outside Rellenthil, a oerfect subject for my work. I'd like you to serve as my proxy and arrange a meeting between us. The sinkhole nearby should serve my purpose."
A hulkynd? What's that?
"High Elves who were cast out from their families as children. A horrible fate in our society. Summerset may appear as perfect as a pastoral painting, but darkness lies backstage. I want to face our taboos without blinking. Will you help me?"
I'll find the hulkynd and arrange a meeting at the sinkhole.
"Thank you for accepting my offer. I'd travel to the hulkynd myself, but the wilderness is no place for an artist. Besides, they may be more willing to talk to a newcomer such as yourself. The hulkynd are well known for being distrustful."
Tell me more about hulkynds,
"High Elves strive for perfection in all things, and their bloodline most of all. Hulkynds are children abandoned by their families for some perceived imperfection, generally a physical deformity. They're more than just orphans. They're outcasts."
Outcasts? In what way?
"In Summerset, family stands above all. They guide your life, almost immeasurably. To be without family is to be unseen, unrecognized as a member of our society. There's not much of a life a hulkynd can make for themselves because of that."
Why do you want to meet one?
"I will admit, it's an odd desire. Most don't even wish to speak of them. But as an artist, I find myself fascinated with the subject. I want to capture that taboo. To paint the morally grey, where so many only wish for black and white."
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