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Help rescue Tableau from the clutches of bandits.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Manacar
Location(s): Oleander Coast Winery
Prerequisite Quest: The Hulkynd's Heart
Reward: Hulkynd's Sullied Sabatons
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Tableau is debuting as an artist. Manacar fears that she may be in danger. He's asked me to help things run smoothly.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Bantering with Bandits
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Manacar asked me to check in on Tableau at her debut gallery showing in the Oleander Coast Winery. I should speak to her patron, Lilawen, to find out where she is.
Objective: Talk to Lilawen
Lilawen is concerned that Tableau hasn't come out of her studio to present herself at the showing. I should check on her upstairs.
Objective: Enter Tableau's Studio
I've entered Tableau's studio, but she's nowhere to be found. There's a conspicuous note. I should read it and see what happened.
Objective: Read the Note
A group of bandits called the Blackbirds kidnapped Tableau and are holding her for ransom. I should return to Manacar and tell him what has happened.
Objective: Talk to Manacar
The ransom note mentioned a fence named Ghrum, who Manacar knows. I should go to the Alinor Outlaw's Refuge and ask the Orc about the Blackbirds.
Objective: Talk to Ghrum
Ghrum told us that we could find the Blackbirds in King's Haven Pass. I should chase down the Blackbirds while Manacar sets up an ambush at the far end of the pass.
Objective: Chase Down the Blackbirds
I found a broken cart in King's Haven Pass. I should search the cart for any clues as to what happened here.
Objective: Investigate the Wrecked Cart
I found a broken cart in King's Haven Pass with a locket nearby it. There are no bodies or signs of survivors. I should meet up with Manacar and see if Tableau and the Blackbirds escaped.
Objective: Talk to Manacar
Using Tableau's locket, Cur was able to pick up a scent. I should follow Cur to Tableau.
Objective: Follow Cur
Manacar and I confronted the Blackbirds, only to have Tableau jump up and apologize as the Blackbirds ran off. I should speak with her and see what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Tableau
Tableau used her former troupe members to fake her kidnapping so that she could reconnect with Manacar. I should speak with them and resolve this dispute.
Complete one: Convince Tableau to Go Back or Convince Manacar to Let Tableau Stay
☑Finishes quest (Depending on your choice one of these lines will appear in journal)

I convinced Manacar that Tableau has a right to choose what makes her happiest, regardless of what Manacar thinks is best.

Objective: Talk to Manacar
☑Finishes quest I convinced Tableau that Manacar wants her to succeed as an artist, and thus he cannot be her friend.
Objective: Talk to Tableau
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