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Sotha Nall
(lore page)
Location Elegiac Replication (projection)
Mnemonic Planisphere (voice)
Race Chimer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection
A projection of Sotha Nall

Sotha Nall was a young Chimer woman that was the sister of Sotha Sil. She lived at the minor estate of Ald Sotha during the First Era, and is presumed to have perished when Mehrunes Dagon sent his forces to attack the settlement for unknown reasons. A projection of her can be found at the Elegiac Replication above a pedestal with an plaque commemorating her memory.


One of the Stars in the Warrior's Wing of the Mnemonic Planisphere will be excerpts of Sotha Nall's voice, talking to Sotha Sil about sneaking into an off-limits place:

  • "You're overthinking this. We sneak out, we sneak back in, and no one will ever be the wiser."
  • "What, are you afraid of Nanny finding out? You're an adult now!"
  • "No one will even realize we're missing. Besides, what's the worst Mother can do? A scolding?"

Verbal artifacts spoken when factotums process information sometimes have memories of Sotha Nall slip through:

  • "Dreaming …. Fish pond. Skipping stone."
  • "Dreaming …. Pottery wheel. Laughter."
  • "Dreaming …. Flower garden. Bird songs."
  • "Assessing threats to Master Sil. Dreaming … open window. Sunlight through glass.
    Threat analysis prepared. Prospect Numidium: negative. Prospect Almalexia: negative. Prospect Erasure: negative. No existential threat detected."
  • "Dreaming … Torchbugs. Overturned jar.
    Sponsorship confirmed and archived. The Light of Knowledge, Sotha Sil, welcomes you to the Brass Fortress. Go forth and create."
  • "Dreaming …. Familiar smell. Wrinkled hands."
  • "Dreaming …. Storm clouds. Wind."
  • "Dreaming …. Scrib jelly. A rainy day …. I am a first generation analysis model factotum, specializing in gathering and analyzing data for and about the citizens of the Brass Fortress.
    My gears continue to spin true."
  • "Dreaming …. Soiled tablecloth. Washboard."
  • "Dreaming …. Discarded Flowers. Empty Cylinder.
    Thank you for your patience. This unit has generated an original composition based on your inquiry—love poem. Please claim your word-form at spool seventeen."
  • "Conducting confidence assessment. Dreaming … Deceased bird. Handkerchief.
    Confidence assessment complete. Certainty rating does not meet credible acceptance threshold. Fail-safe preparations underway."
  • "Accessing privatized threat-array. Dreaming … knee abrasion. Lullaby.
    Threat located. Nocturnal. Ur-dra. Unfathomable Mistress of Shadows. Prospect registered. Risk level: moderate. Thank you for your concern."
  • "Dreaming …. One netch. Two netch …. Prophecy complete.
    I see an island. A tower. Three princes. Darkness spreading across the land. I see a golden knight and an unexpected sacrifice. I see … an end …."
  • "Dreaming …. Glowing embers. Wool blanket."
  • "Evaluating access petition. Dreaming … raindrops on glass. Wood smoke.
    Access granted. Please make swift progress to the throne room. Daedric corruption detected."
  • "Dreaming …. Burning tapestry. Screaming."
  • "Dreaming …. Familiar embrace. Moonlight."