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Home Settlement Xal Ithix
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Sharp-Eye is an Argonian found in Xal Ithix. You can find her around a campfire outside Mud-Toes' Hut along with two Xal Ithix Defenders.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Sharp-Eye is one of the potential quest-givers, and can be seen visibly injured. When you approach her in the village:

"My arm…. It feels like it shattered…."

She is trying to recover from defending her village from angry creatures, she will send you to the tree-minder to investigate why the creatures are hostile:

"Waxhuthi! It hurts."
Are you all right?
"What business is it of yours, outsider?
Forgive me. That's the pain speaking. My friends and I were scavenging in the swamp as we always do, but the creatures there suddenly went mad and attacked us. I barely got out alive."
Why do you think that happened?
"As the mud is my mother, I have no idea. I've been scavenging in Xal Ithix for years. It's not entirely safe, but nothing like this has ever happened.
You should talk to Tree-Minder Nexith. He's at his hut, at the end of the village. I'm sure he has some idea."
I'll find Tree-Minder Nexith.

After agreeing to help, you can ask a bit about the village:

"Please, talk to the tree-minder. If there's anything you can do to help us, the Hist will surely reward you."
What is this place?
"Xal Ithix is a small village in the Black Marsh, an Argonian settlement down-water from larger towns and cities of Shadowfen.
We've survived—thrived, really—by scavenging in the swamp, pulling treasure from others' trash."
Has it always been like this?
"No, not always. Beyond the mud huts of our village, you'll see the great ruins of the ancient Argonians—the xanmeers and the stele.
They were built generations ago by our ancestors. We live in their shadows, in more ways than one."

After the quest is complete:

"Thanks to you, the corruption of the swamp will wash away with the spring flood.
I can't wait to get back to scavenging trash again."