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Tree-Minder Nexith
Home Settlement Xal Ithix
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Tree-Minder Nexith

Tree-Minder Nexith is the Argonian and tree-minder of Xal Ithix. As a tree-minder, his duties involve tending to and protecting the local Hist tree. He appears to also have the ability to magically travel around Xal Ithix, but only when the Hist tree is in good health.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Nexith is found in his hut, he will be wincing from pain from having just attempted and failed a powerful ritual. He will need your assistance in placing the potions for a ritual to find the source of the corruption in the swamp:

"Ah ... the corruption. It's too strong.
Who ... who are you? If you're allied with the Daedra, I'll send you back to Oblivion, screaming."
I'm here to help.
"Kaoc! You come at an opportune time, stranger. The Hist must have guided you.
Daedric energies permeate the swamp, overwhelming the power of the Hist. I tried to commune with the spirits, but you can see from the state of my hut how well that went."
What can I do to help?
"I must perform a ritual of clear sight, but I can't do it alone. I have a potion that must be placed in the ceremonial jars at the base of the stele surrounding the xanmeer.
I'd ask my hunters, but most of them are wounded or fighting the beasts."
I can place the potions.
"It won't be easy. When I tried the simpler version of this ritual, the Daedric force nearly destroyed me. I can't imagine it will allow you to place the components easily.
Be careful in the swamp, especially around the stele."
I'll be careful.

You ask him more about the xanmeer and the stele before you head off to the xanmeer:

"I will go to the top of the xanmeer and begin the ritual. See you there after you've placed the potions."
Tell me about the xanmeer and the stele.
"Our ancestors created them. We did not always live as we do now.
Every xanmeer contains echoes of our earliest magic. Using my connection to the swamp, I'll reveal the corruption's source."
How did the corruption start?
"It hit the swamp like a wave. One day, our scavengers were picking through the trash as they always did, the next a Daedric miasma swept over Xal Ithix.
The creatures of the swamp became malevolent and powerful, threatening our village."

Once the task is complete, Nexith must be spoken to at the top of the local xanmeer where he will be ready to perform the ritual once more:

"I heard fighting below. Are you all right?"
There were Dremora near the stele.
"Xuth! I should have known. The stench of Oblivion permeates this bog.
You placed the potions, though—I can tell. The miasma around each stele has cleared up, at least temporarily."
So can you perform your ritual?
"Yes, with the power of the ancients behind me, I can discover the exact nature of our enemy. Perhaps then we can discover how to cleanse the swamp of this foulness.
Stand back. This may be dangerous. Talk to me when I'm done."
All right.

Nexith will speak. As he does, rings of green light will form on the ground behind him, and plumes of red light will form a ball around him, shaping into Daedric glyphs.

Nexith: "Spirits of the bog! Creatures of nature!"
Nexith: "Show me your wounds! Reveal your injury!"

Following the ritual, he has found out the source of the corruption is caused by a relic of Namira which is placed near the Hist tree:

"Namira, I revere thee! Namira, I serve thee!"
What are you saying?
"The Daedric corruption is strong. I was nearly overwhelmed, but at last I've pinpointed the source.
They attack our heart, our soul, our memories—they're attacking our Hist tree. We must free it at once."
What do we have to do?
"I must stay here to keep the Daedra back. Go to the Hist tree, near the center of Xal Ithix.
During my trance, I saw what they did. Namira's minions placed a relic there. It poisons the swamp."
What do I do once I get there?

You can ask further questions about Namira and the relic:

"Unearth the relic. It's buried at the base of a nearby stele. Once you have it, you'll need to climb the winding road to a tall ritual site that overlooks Xal Ithix.
There, you should be able to use it to stop Namira's minions."
Who is Namira?
"Namira is the Lady of Decay, the Daedric Prince of spirits and shadows. She's the patron of vermin and squalor.
She wants to extend her influence over Xal Ithix. The relic is the key to open that door. But you can use it against her minions."
How do I use the relic?
"In my vision, I saw the Dremora react to the relic. They are terrified of it, of what it can do.
The same energies it uses to corrupt our Hist tree can be turned upon Namira's minions. Wield it, and you can destroy them."

Speaking to him again:

"You must get to our Hist tree right away. Dig up that relic and take it to the ritual site. Use it to stop Namira from corrupting Xal Ithix!"

At the end of the quest, Nexith inexplicably reaches the xanmeer's platform before you do. Speaking to him completes the quest:

"You've done it! Namira's been defeated! Look—the miasma is clearing.
A few Dremora still lurk along the road, but their hold on Xal Ithix is broken."
How did you get here before me?
"When you banished Namira's corruption, you allowed me to reconnect with the Hist throughout Xal Ithix. There is still work to be done, but, thanks to you, we can now complete the cleansing.
Thank you. You will be remembered."

You can speak with him after the quest.

"The source of the corruption is gone. Our swamp is whole once more. Thank you again."
Where should I go from here?
"You are welcome to stay in Xal Ithix, of course. We've still got some cleaning up to do.
I recommend you avoid the high road, though. There are still Dremora lurking there."
Any other suggestions?
"You might explore outside Xal Ithix. I understand there are some ancient ruins nearby, between here and Hissmir."

If you have not started Missing in the Mire, he will suggest helping the scavengers:

What more can I do in Xal Ithix?
"I know some of the scavengers have had problems with the stranglers. You could go down into the swamp and see if you can help out."