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Sarvlos Velar
Home City Brass Fortress
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 15000
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Hlaalu
Sarvlos Velar

Sarvlos Velar is a Dark Elf member of House Hlaalu stranded in the Clockwork City. He can be found in the Brass Fortress, arguing with Adjunct Rizma about finding a way back to Vvardenfell.


Outside the Clockwork Basilica, you can hear Sarvlos Velar in a lively conversation with Adjunct Rizma:

Sarvlos Velar: "There must be some sort of mistake. I'm not meant to be here."
Adjunct Rizma: "Your path has been set before you, auxiliary. I suggest you learn to walk it."
Sarvlos Velar: "What nonsense are you spouting? Just tell me how to go back! I demand it!"
Adjunct Rizma: "Choice is but chaos. Demands but the selfish needs of those who would follow the Motion of Lines."
Sarvlos Velar: "Everyone in this place is fetching mad!"
Sarvlos Velar: "I'm not leaving until you take me to that portal."
Adjunct Rizma: "There's no portal. There is no way home."
Sarvlos Velar: "I'll get the truth out of you, one way or another."
Clockwork Watchman: "Threats of bodily harm will be met with detainment. Please cease and desist."
Sarvlos Velar: "Fetch this! I'll find that portal myself!"

When you speak to Sarvlos, he sounds determined about finding a way out of the Clockwork City:

"I'm sure House Hlaalu is spending all available resources trying to find my whereabouts. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if a rescue party showed up any day now. Any day …."
"I will find a way out of this wasteland, with or without the help of those Clockwork Apostles."
"This place is filled with lunatics, acting under the orders of an absent god. Why, if Lord Vivec ever caught wind of such disgrace going on under the name of the Tribunal …."