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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Escort a wounded citizen to safety.
Zone: Deshaan
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Selfora — Discover the terrible secret of Selfora.
Quest Giver: Elynisi Arthalen, Forlorn One
Location(s): Selfora
Prerequisite Quest: The Seal of Three
Previous Quest: Chasing the Magistrix
Next Quest: Rescue and Revenge
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Selfora is overrun with spirits!
Some terrible catastrophe has befallen Selfora, and now hostile spirits overrun the place.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Elynisi at the inn.
  2. Talk to the Forlorn One in the temple.
  3. Extinguish the flame.
  4. Talk to the Forlorn One again.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Take Elynisi to the inn where she will be safe. You are informed that other survivors took refuge in a temple on the other side of the bridge.

Inside the temple you meet the Forlorn One, the only spirit not trying to kill you. He doesn't seem to remember who he is, and is confused that he knows the information that he divulges to you. There is a decanter of holy water in the temple's basement. It might be able to extinguish the magic fire in the Chamber of the Tree. The decanter is in the lower level on a northwestern desk. Use it on the brazier of blue fire, and the echo of Vox appears, annoyed by your interference.

Talk to the Forlorn One again. He shows you a vision of Vox entering the temple. She claims she is going to free the people from the Three, and destroys Selfora with Veloth's Judgment. The Forlorn One hands you some gold before giving you your next task.


Quest Stages[edit]

Restless Spirits
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I need to find Elynisi Arthalen on the road to Selfora.
Objective: Find Elynisi Arthalen
Latest start I need to escort Elynisi to the inn in the northeast part of town.
Objective: Escort Elynisi to the Inn
I escorted Elynisi safely to the inn. She's speaking to someone named Meldras. I should wait until they finish their conversation.
Objective: Listen to Elynisi and Meldras
Now that Elynisi is safely in the inn, I should talk to her and see what she wants me to do next.
Objective: Talk to Elynisi
Elynisi has asked me to go to the temple on the hill to look for survivors. I can reach the temple by taking the stairs to the south and crossing the bridge.
Objective: Enter the Temple
A spirit called the Forlorn One has materialized at the temple's entrance. It appears to want to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to the Forlorn One
The Forlorn One asked me to find a decanter of holy water on the lower level of the temple. The water has the power to quench the magical fire consuming Selfora.
Objective: Find the Holy Water Decanter
I should test the potency of the holy water on the brazier of magic fire in the center of the temple's lower chamber.
Objective: Use the Holy Water on the Brazier
Now that I have the decanter of holy water, I should speak to the Forlorn One at the temple's entrance.
Objective: Talk to the Forlorn One
The Forlorn One has summoned a vision of the past. I should watch and learn what happened to Selfora.
Objective: Observe the Vision of the Past
Finishes quest☑ The Forlorn One has shard a vision of the past with me. I should ask him about it.
Objective: Talk to the Forlorn One
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