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Location Shattered Shoals
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Broadhead Marines, Aldmeri Dominion
Onglorn by the dock

Onglorn is a Bosmer sailor under the command of Sergeant Firion. He served aboard the Little Alkosh before being shipwrecked on Khenarthi's Roost by a hurricane. He appears to be more religious than the rest of his squad.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Cast Adrift[edit]

He is one of the marines Sergeant Firion send you to find. Like the others, he is also injured.

"Bless Y'ffre, I'm glad you came by! Have you seen any other marines along the beach?"
Sergeant Firion sent me to find you.
"She's alive? I suppose that's some luck amidst all this wreckage.
Can't say the same for my leg. If I don't put too much weight on it I can manage a good hobble."

If you carry any torchbug treacle with you, you can say:

Sergeant Firion said this torchbug treacle would help.
"Glow juice? By the gods, it just might! Soon as I can stand on my own, I'll head inland."

If you carry no torchbug treacle with you, you can tell him to get up anyway, or offer to find some:

Push through the pain. Sergeant Firion needs you right away.
"The gods give us pain to test us. Or amuse themselves. Either way, I'll deal with it."
Sergeant Firion said there was torchbug treacle on the beach. I'll find some for you.

Ends conversation, once you return with some torchbug treacle, he'll say, "Praise the gods, you're back! I thought you were an alit." If you have not found the other marines yet:

I need to find the rest of your squad.
"Blessings upon you, stranger. I'll limp my way inland and find a safer place to wait for Sergeant Firion. Just knowing she's out there gives me hope for the rest."

If he is the last marine you have to find:

I found everyone in your squad.
"Lieutenant Gelin dragged me out of the water. He'll want to know Sergeant Firion and the rest of the squad are all right. Think he said something about looking for shelter in a nearby cave, but I was still coughing up sand."

If you talk with him before leaving, he will tell you, "I can make my own way inland, gods willing."

After you have investigated the cave Lieutenant Gelin entered, Onglorn will be waiting outside with the rest of the squad. He will greet you with, "Gods be with you."

However, after you report the lieutenant's death, he will instead prepare himself to retrieve the body.

May Y'ffre look after Lieutenant Gelin. The gods know, nothing will protect his killer once the sergeant learns their names.
You go warn that ship. We'll prepare our friend for what awaits us all."

Once you have spoken with Quartermaster Oblan at the Prowler, the squad will have caught up to you. He will pondering, "The gods brought us here for a reason. Damned if I know what it is." Depending on his injuries, Onglorn can recover the ship's sun-sighter.

Afterwards, he can be found working on the Prowler with the others. Talking to him, he'll say, "If the gods reward hard work, we've got something coming to us!"

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

You find him injured again on Cat's Eye Quay, being tended to by Edhelas. In this state you cannot talk to him. Later, he is standing on the docks, where he'll comment, "Don't mourn for Nistel. You made sure her sacrifice had meaning. Gods favor you, friend."

Unsafe Haven[edit]

He is found on The First Witness after saving Haven from the pirates. Talking to him, he'll say, "It smells like boiled cabbage and feet in here. Pirates."