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Officer Parwinel
Home Settlement The Gray Mire
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
Officer Parwinel

Officer Parwinel is a Bosmer officer in the Aldmeri Dominion. She is in charge of the Argonians in the Gray Mire. She believes the Argonians are not Ebonheart Pact spies, but she needs help convincing her superiors.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Scars Never Fade[edit]

As you approach her, you can overhear her reprimanding a Dominion Soldier: "Soldier, I appreciate your vigilance, but the Argonians in the Gray Mire are guests. Refrain from any further displays of zeal, or I'll have you scrub down the barricade. Dismissed." If another questgiver directed you to her, she'll say:

"If you're here to complain about the Argonian refugees, there's nothing I can do. They're to remain behind the barricades until the Thalmor resolves their status."
I heard you were looking for outside help.

If you are yet to start the quest, her dialogue is somewhat different:

"Are you here about the refugees? I've already explained this to the three inspectors from Elden Root. Until their status is resolved, the Argonians are to remain within the enclosure."
Argonians? What's going on here?

The further dialogue will be the same no matter how you got to talk to her:

"Praise Y'ffre, someone who isn't going on about Argonian spies! Last year, this tribe arrived in Grahtwood as refugees. But because we're all part of the Dominion now, my superiors can't decide what to do with them."
Could they be spying on the Dominion?
"Absolutely not. This entire tribe was enslaved by Dark Elves. They have more reason to hate the Ebonheart Pact than you or I. But someone in Elden Root decides to set an example, and now there are barricades. It's why I need outside help."
What kind of help do you need?
"Here's a list of the tribe's leaders. I need to know why they refuse to speak with us. Unless my report says they're cooperating, my superiors have an excuse to exile them."
I'll see what I can learn.
"Soldiers and barricades aren't exactly a welcoming feast. But unless the Argonians are willing to speak with us, they won't stay in Grahtwood for much longer."
What can you tell me of the tribe's leaders?
"Uta-Tei is some kind of spiritual leader. Friendly sort. Slim-Jah fishes for a living, with eyes as cold and dead as her catches. As for No-Fingers? I have no idea what he does, but the tribe respects him."
Are the Thalmor normally in charge of soldiers?
"No. As a justiciar, the Thalmor Inner Council directs me to investigate and enforce Dominion law. They've never given me soldiers. Without an armed encampment, the Argonians might have trusted me. But that's not how they see it in Elden Root."

Should you try to talk to her again before turning the quest in, she'll require your patience:

"I'll be with you in a moment."

Having dealt with the unrest in the tribe, return to her.

"My scouts reported sounds of battle along the beaches. This forces my hand. If I can't explain this immediately, my superiors will hear about this and assume the worst. I need you to tell me what's going on in the Gray Mire."
Some of the Argonians planned to attack your soldiers.
"Where are they?"
They're dead. I stopped them.
"Good. It seems I have little choice. If there are rebellious elements in the Gray Mire, I have to recommend the tribe be exiled."
Do what you must.
[Persuade] Why? The tribe wants to live here in peace. Those who disagreed are now dead.
"If you can assure me these people can be trusted, I'll push for them to remain. But if you have any doubts, speak plainly."
The Dominion has nothing to fear from these people.
I can't make that assurance.
[Lie] Some of the hunters were sparring earlier. That's probably what your scouts heard.
"I don't see any hunters here now. Nor have I seen Uta-Tei or Slim-Jah. None of the guards saw anyone trying to head out of town, so where are they?"
[Lie] I heard them talking about fishing in the deep seas. Maybe they took a boat?
"I see. When they return I'll want to speak with them, but for now I won't need them for my report. About what we spoke of earlier... you're sure the Dominion has nothing to fear from these people?"
Yes, I'm sure.

If the tribe can stay, she'll say:

"Then that's all I need for my report. My superiors won't be happy, but I'm sure they'll get used to the idea eventually. Thank you for seeing the truth of the matter. I hope to have those wretched wooden barricades down within the month."

If spoken to again, she will say "I'm relieved this tribe can call The Gray Mire their home. If the Dominion can't honor the promises of its members, what good is it?"

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