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Location Cloudrest
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Nandelle is an Altmer musician who specializes in writing and playing music for the harp. He is found in Cloudrest, and was present at the city's upper level during the disaster. He was playing his harp on the upper level of the city during the disaster at Cloudrest.


"Oh dear, I'm not sure I can evacuate. This harp is awfully heavy, you know. Perhaps Welkynar Olorime would be willing to carry it for me."
What happened here?
"I was performing, when all of a sudden there was screaming and chaos. Dark shadows plunged from the sky, people lifted from the streets below, it was horrible!"

After Z'Maja's defeat:

"Did you truly defeat that nasty Sea Sload? Simply marvelous! I shall compose a piece to commemorate your victory."