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Home City The Hollow City
Location Mages Guild
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Nalia is a Bosmer member of the Mages Guild found in the hall located in The Hollow City. She is a friend of Vanus Galerion and thought he was dead after she witnessed him being captured.

Related Quests[edit]


The Army of Meridia[edit]

"You must be the person who rescued all these people. We were part of Vanus Galerion's group before … well, before everything fell apart.
We appreciate everything you've done for us."
Is this all that made it back?
"The four of us, yes. There were many more, but, well… you've seen it out there. Even our fabled leader was lost to the harsh plane of Coldharbour.
We're all that made it back."
I rescued Vanus. He wants to speak to you all.
"What? You've got to be kidding. I saw him being torn away. There's no way they'd let him live. You must have him mixed up with someone… there just isn't any way."
I'm not. He'll be here shortly.

Afterwards you will hear Vanus outside the room.

Manis Dral: "Ah, my old friend! I thought we'd lost you."
Nalia: "What? It … it can't be!"
Vanus Galerion: "So good to see you all again, my friends! I'm glad we all made it here safely."
<Nalia runs up to Vanus.>
Nalia: "Vanny! You're alive! That's wonderful!"
Vanus Galerion: "Ah, dear Nalia! My heart fills with delight at the sight of you! Yes, I am safe."
Gabrielle Benele: "Where have you been, old friend? Trying to win the war all by yourself again?"
Vanus Galerion: "Well, yes, but I ran into a bit of trouble. Our friend here showed up and lent me a hand."
Nalia: "Well, then, you have our thanks. I'm not sure we could have gone on without … without Vanus …."
Vanus Galerion: "Cheer up, dear Nalia. I'm here now. But our mission isn't finished. We have to destroy the planar vortex and end the Planemeld."
Manis Dral: "Do you have a plan, old friend?"
Vanus Galerion: "I know what we need to do, I'm just not sure how we go about doing it. We need to discuss this with theFighters Guild. We need a council of war."

When you talk with Nalia again she will say, "You returned the Great Mage to us. For that, you have my thanks."