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This article is about the NPC at the Weynon Priory. For the carpenter in Port Hunding, see Mael Ancent. For the Breton in Shor's Stone, see Mael Rotvine.

Home Settlement Weynon Priory
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mael is a Breton who can be found at the Weynon Priory in Cyrodiil.

Related Quests[edit]


When spoken to he will greet you with, "Welcome to Weynon Priory, friend. In these troubled times, helping hands are welcome."


What sort of help?
"An errand of mercy. Two of my friends—Laudine and Varius—were taken by vampires in Lipsand Tarn. By now, they are dead, or worse. No one should suffer such a fate.
I beg you to find their bodies and burn them."
Where is Lipsand Tarn?
"It's an Ayleid ruin north of Fort Rayles. Be careful. I don't want your soul on my conscience as well."
I'll take care of it.

You can then ask him about the necessity of burning the bodies.

"Please find my friends' bodies and burn them before they rise as vampires!"
You really want me to burn your friends?
"Yes, please. I know Laudine and Varius would not want to exist as vampires, preying on the weak and innocent, living on blood. Burning them before they can rise as bloodfiends would be a mercy."
Maybe they haven't been turned.
"By now they're either dead or turned. Vampires are not especially patient creatures. I pray that they're only dead but fear they have been turned. I beg you to help end this nightmare for them."

Once you have burnt the bodies, you can return to Mael.

"Your look is grim, friend. So they had been turned?"
Yes. But I burned their bodies.
"Their souls are with Akatosh now and at peace. I wish we could have given them a proper burial, but this will have to do.
Bless you, friend, for saving them from a fate I would not wish on anyone."

Black Dagger Supplies[edit]

So, you need my help.
"Yes, please. Bandits have been plaguing us since the war broke out. The Black Daggers are the worst of them all."
What can I do about it?
"They store their supplies in an abandoned warehouse west of here. Would you please go taint their food with this poison? That should slow them down."
I'll take care of it.

You can ask additional questions about the methods being used against the Black Daggers.

"The Black Daggers understand nothing but force. Harsh measures are called for here."
A monk wants me to poison people?
"I know how that seems, but I see no other way. The Black Daggers are truly horrific, more like beasts than decent people. You'll be saving many innocent lives!"
Have you tried talking to them?
"Yes, we've sent several emissaries. Each was tortured, killed, and skinned, not necessarily in that order. They are impossible to reason with, and we lack the strength to defend ourselves from them. We need your help!"

Once you have poisoned their supplies, you can return to Mael.

"Did you taint the Black Daggers' food?"
Yes. They should be dying like flies.
"Well done! I hope that gives us a respite from their attacks, for a while at least.
Your efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated."

Claw of Akatosh[edit]

What do you need?
"The Black Daggers have been plaguing this part of Cyrodiil. With the empire at war, there's no one to stop them.
A few days ago, they broke into the priory and stole the Claw of Akatosh."
Where did they take it?
"Their nearest camp is on an island west of here. I believe they took the claw there."
I'll recover it for you.

If you talk to him again, you can ask additional questions.

"You should find the Black Dagger camp west of here. Please recover our claw!"
Is it really one of Akatosh's claws?
"Well, just between us, I doubt it. But it's been here for a long time, so who really knows?"
But you claim that it is.
"Monks have to eat too, you know. And the faithful love to gaze upon it and offer donations for its continued upkeep."
And now that it's missing?
"Yes, donations have dried up and the faithful lose faith. We desperately need that claw back!"

Once you have retrieved the claw, being it back to Mael.

"Have you recovered it? Did you rescue Akatosh's claw from those brigands?"
Yes, I have it here.
"You've lightened my heart, friend. Akatosh's blessings upon you!"

Overdue Supplies[edit]

How can I help?
"My friend Lucius was due back days ago from Pell's Gate. He still hasn't arrived.
The supplies he was carrying are vital, both for the priory and Chorrol."
You want me to find him?
"Please. He usually camped at Coldcorn Ruin to the east.
I hope he hasn't fallen afoul of bandits, or worse, on the road."
I'll find him.

If you talk to him again, he will just plead, "Please look for Lucius. Coldcorn Ruin would be the best place to start."

Once you have found the supplies you can return to Mael.

"Lucius isn't with you. Tell me you didn't find him yet."
Sorry, Mael. He was killed by trolls. I have your supplies though.
"Lucius was a good friend, the bravest among us. Akatosh grant his soul peace.
He would be glad to know you completed the delivery. Here, take the payment he would have received for the supplies."

The Lich[edit]

How can my hands help you?
"Shadowed Path necromancers have taken over Lindai, an Ayleid ruin to the east. Evil emanates from this ruin; these foul mages have used that energy to transform one of their number into a lich!"
And you want me to destroy it?
"Yes, please. If the lich isn't destroyed, evil will spread from Lindai, consuming all in its path. I have no doubt this is the Shadowed Path's plan."
Consider it done.

You can ask him about the Shadowed Path and liches.

"That lich must be destroyed. Hurry, please!"
Who are the Shadowed Path?
"I know only the ones we see at the Lindai ruins. Those are necromancers, mages of the most evil sort. The undead serve them as guardians."
Are there other Shadowed Path groups?
"I fear so. Rumors tell of other Circles of the Shadowed Path, groups that infest areas across Cyrodiil. Nothing of these other circles is known to me; the group at Lindai is enough for me to worry about."
What's a lich?
"A lich is an undead creature, completely evil.
Necromancers who lust for immortality can transform themselves into liches. Vile spells and sacrifices are involved. They gain tremendous power but lose their souls."
Why would someone do that to himself?
"For some, the lust for power overwhelms all other desires. The thought of wielding that power forever becomes an all-consuming passion. And necromancers deal with the undead every day. Perhaps undeath loses its horror for them."

Once the Shadowed Path Lich is dead, return to Mael.

"Is it done? Did you destroy the Shadowed Path lich?"
Yes, it's gone.
"Thank Akatosh! With a lich to lead them, the Shadowed Path evil could spread unchecked. We will keep an eye on those ruins henceforth."