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Lord Trystan
Location Honor's Rest
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Knights of the Dragon
Lord Trystan

Lord Trystan is a Breton found in the memories in Honor's Rest.

Related Quests[edit]


When you first enter Tamahl's Memory, you'll witness a scene between Trystan and Gaiden Shinji:

Lord Trystan : "Baloth Bloodtusk has reinforced Orsinium. Our losses to his Savage Sons were … considerable."
Gaiden Shinji : "Your king should call off the siege. The battle is unjust."
Lord Trystan : "Shinji … Mercedene now commands us. The siege will not end."
Gaiden Shinji : "Mercedene? The Beast of the Reach is your general?"
Lord Trystan : "There's another way. Challenge Baloth to a duel. You could end the siege with a swing of your blade."
Gaiden Shinji : "The Orcs will never agree."
Lord Trystan : "The Orcs love Baloth more than their own king. He'll agree—his people have bled enough."
Gaiden Shinji : "What would your king say? He appointed Mercedene."
Lord Trystan : "King Joile suggested this. He needs a victory, and won't care who delivers it."
Gaiden Shinji : "Then it shall be. The Order of Diagna will march to Orsinium."
Gaiden Shinji : "Tamahl, come speak with me."

If you speak to Trystan before speaking to Gaiden Shinji, he'll say:

"You are Tamahl, yes? My Knights of the Dragon have much respect for your order.
But I won't detain you with flattery when you need to speak with your master. A pleasure, truly."

Speaking to him after, he'll say:

"The Order of Diagna shall fight beside my Knights of the Dragon. Truly, a good day. Wouldn't you agree … Tamahl, was it? Am I saying that correctly?"
As though you were raised among my people, Lord Trystan.
I expect we won't be at Orsinium for long. With the Blademaster set to duel Baloth Bloodtusk, we can end the siege before General Mercedene turns it into a bloodbath."
Why is Orsinium under siege?
"The Orc king forced King Joile's hand. By publicly praising the Orc raiders who struck across the Bjoulsae River, King Golkarr doomed his city in the mountain."
Who is the Orc king?
"A Daedric zealot, I'm afraid. Every fifth word is "Malacath," and that's in his diplomatic entreaties.
I hear he's far more tedious in person … a lot of spittle."
Who is General Mercedene?
"She is … an able commander. She leads the Winterborn, the most accomplished of King Joile's mercenary bands hired from the Reach.
At times it seems General Mercedene is more devout in her worship of Malacath than the Orcs themselves."
What do you mean?
"Her mother Evandene used to lead the Winterborn. During a raid on an Orc village, she showed restraint in "merely" decimating the populace.
Mercedene grew livid when she arrived with reinforcements. Challenged her mother on the spot."
Why was she so angry?
"According to the tale she said, 'Harvesting a tenth of the weeds yields a hardier strain of weed. Best to burn the field so its soil can take another crop.'
Then she killed her mother, cut out her heart, and ate it."
"Only those of the Reach know the ways of the Reach.
But … when General Mercedene left the village, the Winterborn rode at her back. All the villagers were so full of arrows they resembled pine cones. And Evandene's corpse decorated the altar to Malacath."
How do you know Gaiden Shinji?
"Long ago I was a mere squire dining in a tavern. In walked Gaiden Shinji with ragged clothes, a simple blade, and empty pockets.
I had very little coin, but I knew he was starving. I offered to share my meal in return for a friendly duel."
You traded a meal for a duel with Gaiden Shinji?
"I had no idea it was the Blademaster himself!
In those days I sought to learn from anyone who knew how to wield a blade. He had a way about him … an inherent confidence in movement."
So what happened?
"I lost. Repeatedly. Each time he calmly explained how he had defeated me, then urged me to try again.
There was no shame in losing. He was that good. I absorbed every lesson as best I could, yet no duel lasted beyond three seconds."
Then what?
"We ate and talked. He was … well, he's always been Shinji. Then he left—I never learned his name.
Years later, Blademaster Gaiden Shinji spoke in support of my promotion. He said, 'the best leader is a constant student.' None were more surprised than I."

Inside Reliana's Memory, you'll hear the following exchange before you can reach the action:

General Mercedene : "Archers—now!"
Lord Trystan : "No!"
Lord Trystan : "General Mercedene? What have you done?"
General Mercedene : "A duel for a city? Pathetic! King Joile wanted victory, and today I deliver it."
Lord Trystan : "Curse you, General Mercedene. To the depths of Oblivion, I curse you!"
General Mercedene : "Fool! If you bear them so much love, fall and die beside them!"

When you get to him he'll say:

"General Mercedene killed them both. She dishonored their duel—dishonored the truce."
What should I do, my lord?
"My wounds … I cannot face General Mercedene like this. You must confront her in my place.
I trust your skill, commander. Quickly! She cannot escape."

Speaking to him before finding Mercedene, he'll say:

"I'll be fine. Go, face the Beast of the Reach—before she escapes!"

After defeating Mercedene, you'll see the following scene:

Lord Trystan : "Stay your hand, young Orc. Too much blood was spilled this day. Enough heroes lost."
Rokaug : "Agreed. The duel … did you see it? Was there a victor?"
Lord Trystan : "I saw a willow and a graht-oak, dancing in the wind. I thought their styles vastly different, until I realized …."
Rokaug : "'Adhere to the style that defeats your opponent.' People used to claim it was Shinji's proverb. Always made Baloth crack a smile."

Speaking to Trystan at this point, he'll say:

"It is done? The Beast of the Reach—is she dead?"
Yes, my lord. General Mercedene is dead.
"Good. The Knights of the Dragon will have no part in King Joile's treachery.
Come, we must collect the bodies. They deserve a better rest than this."
We're leaving?
"It was a mistake to involve the Order in King Joile's folly. I must atone for that.
First, I will honor Shinji's wishes. I won't leave him here for the crows."
What must we do?
"Gaiden Shinji wished to be buried in the land where he fell, no matter where that might be. Fitting—he never called one place home for long.
He also wished to honor his final opponent … whoever that may be."
The Orcs won't like that.
"You'd be surprised. They could not miss what Shinji and Baloth tried to do. If his brother does not object, I will see them buried side by side.
Today shall be remembered as the day honor came to rest."

Speaking to him one last time:

"We'll honor their memory—their sacrifice. Shinji, Baloth, and all the noble heroes who gave their lives here. They shall never be forgotten.
And on my honor, neither shall King Joile's treachery."

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