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Lieutenant Belron
Location Vernim Woods
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Lieutenant Belron

Lieutenant Belron is a Dark Elf soldier of the Ebonheart Pact found at their camp in Vernim Woods. He is stationed here with Dajaheel and Centurion Gjakil.

Lieutenant Belron went undercover inside the Worm Cult for the Pact, and has insider information.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Dangerous Union[edit]

He is interrogating Worm Cultists behind a rock a short ways away from the tent. When you speak with him before the quest, you'll find him beside the corpse of a Worm Cultist that didn't survive his latest interrogation.

"I broke another one! Cultists die too quickly!"

If you choose the cruel option when starting the quest, you can bring him the still-beating heart of a Worm Cultist. He will modify the organ and ask you to put it in the corpse of one of the Worm Cultists he interrogated:

"A still-beating heart? Either Dajaheel sent you or this is an extraordinary coincidence.
May I?"
Yes. Here's the heart.
"Vile thing. A bit of magicka focused … and there."
What did you do?
"Bound up the soul that once pumped this organ. The Worm at your feet refused to answer my questions. So we'll need to try a different approach."
What do I do with this thing?
"Look down. I've made room for a new heart in our friend here. Put your new trophy in its chest. Then stand back."

If you choose the less-cruel option, you can hand him the Ornate Globe:

"I broke another one! Cultists die too quickly!"
Here is the globe.
"Good, good. And filled with memories, I see.
Now, let's hope one of the cultists whose memories you stole spoke with Stral. If so, we can learn what's going on here."

Speaking to him again before you speak to the memory of Stral:

"It worked. Good.
Now, speak to this memory of Stral. We'll spy the conversation he had with the cultist whose memory you stole."

You can ask him about himself if you speak with him after getting answers from the newly resurrected Worm Nightfrenzy or from Stral Blackthroat himself:

"Tell Dajaheel what we've learned. I'll look for one of the ritual sites."
Dajaheel said you're an agent. You were inside the cult?
"Three preserve me, yes. I did … terrible things. But someone needed to do it. Molag Bal is pure destruction. Nothing can be built on a foundation of worms.
Necromancy, though, is just a tool. And now I wield the weapon of the worm."

Gift of the Worm[edit]

After speaking with Dajaheel, you will find Belron by the Worms' ritual circle to the west. You will need to kill the transformed Reachman to find out what the ritual does to the affected:

"You see that thing? That's what's left of the Reachmen gathered at Vernim."
What do we do about it?
"We need to learn more about these things. The ghasts keep repeating the name Calix Thorntongue. Go kill him, take his heart, and bring it back to me."
You seem obsessed with hearts.
"Necromantic energies gather in the heart. It's the seat of life and unlife. Everything I need to know about a person, I can learn from his heart. Hmm, I suppose I am a little obsessed."

Speaking with him again:

"Be careful, now. No telling what these creatures are capable of."

Returning to him after taking the heart, he will ask you to stop the other rituals to collect the hearts:

"Well done!"
I need to stop the other rituals as well.
"Indeed. As you do, collect their hearts. I feel powerful magicka radiating from this one. With more like it, we may be able to put an end to Stral himself.
I will be back at camp, researching."
I'll bring the hearts there, Belron.

Speaking with him again before leaving to collect the hearts:

"Disrupt the other rituals. And be careful."

After you retrieve the three Graveborn hearts, he will be found back in his tent at the Pact camp:

"You've returned. With a number of dripping presents. Excellent work."
Yes. Here are the Graveborn hearts.
"You have my thanks. These vine-twisted abominations may yet prove useful."

Through the Shroud[edit]

If you haven't started the quest yet, he will say:

"We've got to get to Stral. End Stral, and we end the Reachmen's threat."
What's the problem? (Leads to quest dialogue)

Continue your conversation from the previous quest, you will need to drink a potion made from the essence of the Graveborn hearts to get past the ruin that is prevent living souls from passing through:

"You may have noticed the ruin in the center of the wood. That shroud of death and darkness? Nothing living can pass through it.
Luckily, the dead can."
Why's that lucky?
"Oh, I thought it was obvious. We kill you, sort of. These Graveborn hearts … yes, imbuing their essence into a potion. Like so.
Drink this. Trust me, nothing will go wrong!"
All … right.

Speaking to him again:

"I won't lie to you. You won't like this. Just think about all the lives you'll save today."

Talk to him after drinking from the Gray Jar. He will mention a totem that needs to be destroyed so the living can enter the ruin:

"The bravery of Vivec! Nicely …. You have a little something on your mouth, there."
Yech. I can pass through the shroud, now?
"Absolutely. I think. You're much less alive than you were a few minutes ago, anyway.
That should get you through the shroud."
Then what?
"At the bottom of the ruin there should be a totem powering the death shroud. Destroy it, the shroud goes away, and the living can enter the ruin."

Speaking with him again:

"Destroy the totem. We'll be right behind you."

Speak with him after you destroy the Withering Idol.

"With the shroud gone, we can follow you in!
You're looking a little dead around the edges. Let me take care of that."
[Persuade]Can you magically aid me in the coming fight?
"Of course! How could I have forgotten?
Here, hold still."

He will then turn you back into a normal, not sort-of-dead person and imbue you with the "Hex Armor" buff for four minutes.

He then casts a spell that causes a purple aura to swirl around you.

Lieutenant Belron: "Let's get this done."

Speaking with him again:

"The doorway into the ruins is now unlocked. Let's move!"

He, Orla and Dajaheel will accompany you into the Vernim Vaults. Speaking with him inside:

"We've got to get to Stral. End Stral, and we end the Reachmen's threat."

When you start the fight against Stral, the Reachman will focus his magic on Belron and kill him.

Lieutenant Belron: "What? No. No! I can't control my body!"
Stral Blackthroat: "Behold the power of the Worm!"