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Leric Cottret
Home City Evermore
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Leric Cottret

Leric Cottret is a Breton found in the city of Evermore. He has been placed the dockside stocks, accused of an act of arson which lead to the death of a family. While he admits that he is an arsonist, Leric denies that he started that fire, pointing the player in the direction of those he thinks responsible. If not already on the map, he will mark the location of Torog's Spite.


"I didn't burn down that house! I swears on all ten of my toes!"
What are you talking about?
"I'm just a bit of a fire bug, y'see. I like to watch things glow—warms me up inside.
Small things, mind you. Old abandoned houses and the like. But I wouldn't burn one down with a family in it. Please, stranger, you've got to believe me!"
Why should I believe you?
"Because I know who done it! Least I think I know who done it. Across the river there's a cave full of Orcs. I heard one of them caterwauling about "fiery vengeance" just before the guard captain locked me up.
I bet you he did it!"
So where is this place?
"Just over the Bjoulsae. Here, I'll mark it on your map.
I doubt the captain will let me out of here. I done a few other things not worth talking about. But at least I can get this deed off my record."