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Home Settlement Hissmir
Location Eastern Hissmir, on the outskirts of town
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Jilux is an Argonian found in the settlement of Hissmir. He is located east of the primary Xanmeer, and can first be seen dealing with a small crowd of concerned citizens, including Owai-Leem, Loh-Jat, Dafeeso and Luraxith. Jilux will offer the quest, Trials of the Burnished Scales.

Related Quests[edit]


Before accepting the quest:

"You're not here to complain, are you?"

Speaking with the crowd:

Luraxith: "What about the Dominion soldier? What will you do about him?"
Dafeeso: "How dare you allow this to continue!"
Owai-Leem: "The Dominion will destroy us all!"
Loh-Jat: "The Hist will abandon us if a Dominion soldier communes with it!"
Jilux: "Please, friends. I will do what I can to pass along your concerns."

You can then speak with him to see what is wrong.

"If you're here to complain about the Dominion soldier's presence, I've already heard every complaint you can imagine."
The Dominion? Here?
"The soldier in question, Captain Henaamo, announced himself and his intentions to undertake the Trials of the Burnished Scales.
By holy tradition, pilgrims who declare themselves may not be harmed. The Hist alone decides his worthiness through the trials."
Why would these trials interest the Dominion?
"Those who complete the trials may commune with the Hist. I don't know why this interests the Dominion, but I fear it is no good for Shadowfen.
Perhaps you could find out yourself? Take the trials, and keep an eye on this enemy of our people?"
I will keep an eye on Captain Henaamo.
"The Trial of the Mind is your first challenge. The Trial is located in a hut on the northwest corner of the pyramid."
Why does a pilgrim have to complete the trials to commune with the Hist?
"All are as one within the Hist. To be as one requires discipline. The Trials prove your commitment.
They also test your body and mind. We must see if you're capable of surviving the process without dying or going mad."