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Location Wittestadr, Valeric's Manor
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Imhey is an Argonian found in Wittestdar. She has been bitten by a vampire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Right to Live[edit]

After learning about her last known location from Sena Aralor, you'll head to the location to see her and Valeric surrounded by dead bloodfiends. Imhey will refuse to come with Valeric:

Imhey: "Stay away from me, you monster!"
Valeric: "Damn it, woman! You need to come with me now! The sun hurts me more than you know. We need to get inside!"

She won't speak to you, but after speaking to Valeric, he'll turn to Imhey again and approach her to teleport her back to his manor:

Valeric: "Time to go, Scales. We need to make sure you don't turn into one of these creatures."
Imhey: "What are you doing? No! Don't let him take me!"

After collecting the bloodfiend dust, you'll find her back at Valeric's Manor inside a cage. She thinks the vampires are saving for a meal:

"Let me out of here! Please. This isn't right!
You're killing me! You gave me to these creatures and they're going to use me as food. Why would you do such a thing?"
Have they harmed you?
"Of course not! Who harms their dinner before they feast?
I'm sure they're going to be very good to me. At least until supper time."

The Better of Two Evils[edit]

If you decided to leave her with Valeric, she'll stay at Valeric's Manor during The Better of Two Evils. You can speak to her after you threw the cat urine at the Winterland hunters:

"I'm going through so many changes right now. Feeling so many … sensations. It's wonderful. It's amazing. It's … is that urine I smell?
I must write this in my journal so I never forget this moment."

After dealing with Majorn the Ancient, you will find her sitting by the fireplace. She won't be cured of vampirism but will accept her fate and join Valeric's coven to learn to control her vampiric urges:

"Valeric says the cure isn't working. I'm changing … becoming one of them.
He offered me a place in his family, so he could teach me how to control my … urges."


  • The urine smell Imhey notices is from Cello and Harp, the two domestic cats residing in the manor. If you side with Valeric, Jaruk gives you a container full of their urine to splash onto the encroaching hunters, so the hunters won't smell appealing to the bloodfiends outside.