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Fulfill an ancient bard's wish.
Zone: Reaper's March
Quest Giver: Dusty Instrument
Location(s): Thibaut's Cairn
Reward: Epic Bard's Cowl
Low Leveled Gold
The spirit points to a Dusty Instrument
I was lead to an old instrument in the ruins of Thibaut's Cairn by a spectral woman. The recoder was engraved with "Valencia Nasica, the Exalted Bard of Dune."

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Examine the dusty musical instrument.
  2. Find Nasica in Dune and speak to her.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Near the end of Thibaut's Cairn, close to the skyshard, you see a spirit point to a Dusty Instrument. Examine it.

<This instrument is covered in dust, but you think you can make out a fine inscription etched into its side.>
<Look closer.>
<Valencia Nasica, the Exalted Bard of Dune.>

You take the instrument, and go to Dune looking for a Nasica.

Outside Dune, at a small camp, you find Livia Nasica playing the flute in front of the campfire. You see the same spirit from the Cairn next to her, also playing a flute. While you talk to Livia, the spirit continues to play the flute in the background.

"Oh, hello there. Sorry, was the music bothering you?"
No. I'm here about an old instrument. It's inscribed with the name Valencia Nasica?
"May I see that? This…this is my great-grandmother's instrument. She was one of the greatest bards of the frontier, in her day. It's said she performed for Queens and Kings, and always had time for the common folk alike."
A spirit led me to this in an old crypt. Thibaut's Cairn?
"Yes, she was…interred there. She led you there herself? Then perhaps she meant for me to have this. I'm a musician as well, actually. My mother's stories about Valencia inspired me when I was a child. Lately it's been hard…"
I can actually see her behind you now. She's playing along with you.
"Valencia, playing with me? This is all so much…I take this as a sign. My ancestors want me to keep at my music. I will…I'll make them proud."
Good luck with your music.
"Thank you. I'll treasure this always. I'll always remember your kindness, traveler. And the inspiration of my ancestors."

With the instrument delivered to her great-granddaughter, Valencia fades away as Livia resumes playing.

Quest Stages[edit]

History's Song
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The ghost clearly wanted me to take this instrument. Perhaps if I can find a descendant of hers somewhere in Dune, the ghost will be pleased. I should go looking for a member of the Nasica family.
Objective: Find a Nasica in Dune
The ghost appeared to me again near a woman in Dune. No doubt she's a member of the Nacisa family. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Livia Nasica
☑Finishes quest Livia told me of her ancestor and her struggles with her music. She seems very touched I've brought the instrument to her. I should speak with her again.
Objective: Talk to Livia Nasica