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(lore page)
Location Cheesemonger's Hollow
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Haskill is the chamberlain of Lord Sheogorath. He is first encountered guarding the entrance to Cheesemonger's Hollow.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Long Lost Lore[edit]

"Well, what is it? Here for some noble purpose, no doubt."
I'm here for Arch-Mage Shalidor. I've been sent to retrieve some books?
"Spellbooks? How pedestrian.
As it happens, I'm feeling particularly charitable at present. I'll allow you to enter. After."
After what?
"After a test of your resolve. This isn't a lending library. If you want the spellbooks, you'll have to earn them.
A portal has been opened. Close it, and I'll grant you passage."
I'm ready.

While Scamps emerge from the portal:

Haskill: "Close the portal, if you can. Though you may want to deal with those scamps first."

After closing the portal:

"That was unexpectedly competent. You'd make an adequate house servant.
I don't suppose you'd consider it? The pay is meager, but the fringe benefits are appalling."
No, thanks. I've only come for the books.
"Pity. The tomes you seek are beyond the door at the top of the stairs. Once you're outside, follow the path."
Thank you, Haskill.
"Just doing the Master's will. I will open the door for you.
Oh, and mind the scamps. The little imps adore fresh flesh. Such children."

As he walks away:

Haskill: "And please, try not to make a mess of things."

Simply Misplaced[edit]

"Just a moment, mortal. Lord Sheogorath asks that you perform a task, first. To prove your competence.
He claims to have misplaced a pair of items. Items you must recover."
What items?
"A fork, and a staff. Please do try to be quick. My Lord enjoys making me wait, but he's not very patient himself.
I've opened a portal for your convenience. It should lead you directly to the fork."
A fork and a staff. Got it.
"I'd say "at your leisure", mortal. But i expect I have more time ahead of me than you do."
Where will this portal take me?
"My lord is certain he lost his utensil somewhere in Skyrim. It was during a visit to his friend Korthor in Vuldngrav.
That was during the Merethic Era, I believe"
The Merethic Era?
"Ahem. My lord visited with Korthor a very, very, very long time ago.
Really, what do they teach mortals these days?"
Can you tell me anything about this fork?
"It's an heirloom. My Lord is quite fond of it. Has a bit of magic around it, too, I think.
I don't know. I don't question Lord Sheogorath."
What kind of magic?
"The fork excites and synergizes magicka around it. When held in the hand of someone more notable than yourself, it can produce dramatic results.
In your hand, it might be suitable for conveying roast beef to your mouth."

After defeating Korthor:

"I see you have the fork.
Competently done. Impressive, even."
Yes, I have it. What now?
"Now, for the staff. When last we spoke, my lord recalled the discomfort of desert sand.
I believe it lies somewhere within Hammerfell. In the dry and decayed hands of Prince Maleel."
Prince Maleel?
"Prince Maleel al-Akir, the Scyth of Yokuda. A formidable warrior, in his day.
That day was over a thousand years ago. But still."
I'll get the staff from the Prince.

Speaking with him again before stepping through the portal:

"If you please? I haven't all day to keep this portal open.
Well … I do, really. But I don't want to."

After retrieving the Wabbajack, he appears once more.

"Another successful retrieval, I see."
Yes, here's the staff.
"Very well then.
I've instructions to have you return to the Isles. My lord would have a word with you."

Speaking with him again before entering the Shivering Isles:

"Some time this Era would be convenient."

After reentering the Isles, he greets you.

Haskill: "Ahh, right on time. Welcome back."

Speaking with him here:

"Your business lies with Lord Sheogorath."
"Try not to make too much of a mess."
"What a pity. The fun is over so soon."
"Until we meet again, mortal. I'm sure the master will have more … "activities" planned for you by then."

Circus of Cheerful Slaughter[edit]

"Ah, you're here. As punctual as a thespian. Very good."

You can return to him at the entrance of the area throughout the play for his commentary. After first speaking to Sheogorath:

"My lord is very excited to begin the play. As I am. I enjoy amateur performances."

After meeting Sheogorath in Heartholdhelm:

"Are you still on the first act? Very good. A true professional always prolongs the first act."

After killing the Pact Lead Roles:

"I see the show does not always go on."

After watching Queen Ayrenn's speech:

"It is not wise to keep my lord waiting. His lucidity is as fleeting as my smile."

After killing Queen Ayrenn:

"The play is nearly done. Are you leaving the audience waiting? How avant garde."

After finding Sheogorath in Daggerwaymore:

""Aren't you finished yet?"

Finally, after killing High King Emeric:

"That was a passable performance. For a mortal."

The Mad God's Bargain[edit]



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