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Fort Morvunskar
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Fort: Arnhilda the Brash, Eimander, Stormfist Healer, Stormfist Infantry, Stormfist Savage
Crypts: Draugr Archer, Draugr Champion, Draugr Scourge
Giant's RunEastmarch
Southwest of Windhelm
Other Buildings
Loading Screen
Located on strategic high ground overlooking the main roads to Windhelm, Morvunskar has been the site of a series of fortifications, and a larger, stone fort is currently planned. Fittingly, many great Nord warriors have been buried in the vaults beneath the walls.
Fort Morvunskar

Fort Morvunskar is a fort in northwestern Eastmarch, southwest of Windhelm. The fort has recently come under attack by the Stormfist Clan, whose real goal was to raid the royal crypts beneath it.

Related Quests[edit]


Fort Morvunskar Wayshrine

Fort Morvunskar Wayshrine is located south of the fort.



A map of the Royal Tombs beneath Fort Morvunskar
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