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Fishing Lodge
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Owned No
North of Amaya Lake Lodge
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
Fishing Lodge

Fishing Lodge is a small one-room, Hlaalu-style building found to the north of Amaya Lake Lodge, just across the inlet on a small peninsula.

This location is an unmarked location on Vvardenfell. It contains the lorebook The 36 Lessons: Sermon 21 as well as several containers and food items. It also has a Hlaalu-style cooking stove.

Outside there are several resource nodes. On the small dock is a water node. On the eastern end of the peninsula is a Nirnroot node and a Rune node, along with a spawn point for a Thieves Trove. Two pheasants are hung on the porch canopy.