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Home Settlement Weye
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Elaninwe is an Altmer found sweeping her porch in the small settlement Weye.


"Between the armies tearing up the countryside and the demons terrorizing the island, the dust never stops flying. And it all seems to settle on my doorstep."
"Yes. They're all over the Imperial Island, apparently. Some Daedric Prince summoned them. And they've killed all the people too. The Imperial army's over there, fighting them. Or maybe the soldiers all fled. No one seems to know."
"Who told you this?"
"Refugees, mostly, people fleeing from the island. Not many of them lately though. Not much screaming from the island either. There used to be a lot of both. Lithodor hears things too, though you can't believe half of what he says."

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