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Duryn Beleran
Home City Kragenmoor
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dres

Duryn Beleran is a Dunmer of House Dres found in the city of Kragenmoor. He can be encountered for the first time on the road leading to the town of Kragenmoor, accompanied by two House Dres Retainers.

Related Quests[edit]


"The savior of Davon's Watch, and the Virak siege-breaker!
Thank Vivec you're here. Kragenmoor has been taken."
What's wrong, guardsman?
"Tanval Indoril entered town at the head of his personal Vanguard and demanded an audience with the grandmaster.
Now the Vanguard patrols the streets. They command in Kragenmoor."
What did Tanval Indoril do?
"I don't know, but when he came out from talking to our grandmaster, he was in charge. Our House Elves and slaves alike are terrified.
If you want to help, please speak with our grandmaster. Maybe he'll listen to a new voice."
I'll speak to your grandmaster.
"Please speak to the grandmaster. He's sure to listen to the hero of Fort Virak."
Why did Tanval Indoril stop here?
"Everyone who wants to ascend the Tormented Spire must speak to the grandmaster of Kragenmoor. House Dres controls access to the peak. It's an ancient site of magic and blood."
How does the grandmaster control access to the peak?
"Dres holds the magical pattern for a key: a mystical focus that allows you to pass the veil protecting the spire. Only with the key can one make the climb to the summit."

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