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Grandmaster Omin Dres
Home City Kragenmoor
House Grandmaster's Palace
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dres
Grandmaster Omin Dres

Grandmaster Omin Dres is the Dunmer Grandmaster of House Dres. He can be found in his palace located in the city of Kragenmoor.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Speaking to him before starting Aggressive Negotiations:

"Who are you? What gives you the right to barge into my home?"

Aggressive Negotiations[edit]

When you first enter the Palace, you'll witness him having a conversation with Captain Saril:

Grandmaster Omin Dres: "Surely, we can compromise on the matter. "
Captain Saril: "Remember, Grandmaster, the urgency of our business."
Grandmaster Omin Dres: "As you say, Captain. As you say. "

When you approach him, he will notice you:

"What in the name of Oblivion is the meaning of this?"

He will demand to know why you disturbed his conversation.

If you speak to him directly to start the quest:

"Who are you? What gives you the … oh! The hero of Fort Virak. Honor to you and your house."
Greetings, Grandmaster.
"What brings a hero of the Pact to Kragenmoor?
On most days, I'd be honored to welcome you to my city. Today, however important matters distract me."
We must discuss an urgent matter.
"I'm sorry, but the Indoril Vanguard demands my attention.
Please speak to my seneschal, Denu Faren. She may be able to help you."
Thank you, Grandmaster.

If you were sent by Duryn Beleran:

"Who are you? What gives you the … oh! The hero of Fort Virak. Honor to you and your house."
Greetings, Grandmaster.
"What brings a war hero of the Ebonheart Pact to distant Kragenmoor? I would be more welcoming, but today important matters distract me."
There's an urgent matter we must discuss.
"Apologies, but the Vanguard demands my attention at the moment. If you have further questions—and I'm sure you do—speak to my seneschal."
Thank you, Grandmaster.

Speaking to him after this conversation:

"I'm sorry I can't be more hospitable at this time. Speak to my seneschal Denu Faren."

After you find information about his son's whereabouts and before speaking to Denu:

"Don't … don't tell me about my son. Please. I must be strong. For Kragenmoor."

After the quest:

"Don't … don't tell me about my son. I must be strong for Kragenmoor."

Saving the Son[edit]

After Sen Dres is saved, he will reward you the second key to Tormented Spire:

"My son is free and my hands are unbound. Now the Vanguard will learn the price of threatening House Dres."
Glad I could help.
"Accept the thanks and esteem of House Dres. Now that my son is safe, I entrust the second key to Tormented Spire to you.
Use it. Stop Tanval Indoril."

Vengeance for House Dres[edit]

He will ask for your help once more, requesting that you take out the Vanguard's senior aide:

"I will always be in your debt for freeing my son."
Is there anything else I can do for you?
"Yes. The Vanguard made the error of taking advantage of our noble house. I want that error corrected."
What would you have me do?
"Grandmaster Indoril appointed his senior aide to command the Vanguard. I believe that man’s [sic] name is Captain Dunveril.
Kill him 
[sic]. That is the price of affronting the Dres."
I will see it done.

Speaking to him again:

"Find their commander in the camp east of town. Make them understand the error of crossing House Dres. Be my hand of vengeance!"

After Captain Dunveril is dead:

"Is it done? Is Captain Dunveril defeated?"
Captain Dunveril has been slain.
"It is well. You've proven the strength of my Great House, and you brought my son home safely.
I now name you the Hand of Dres and offer you my aid, should you need it in the future. To their friends, the Dres are generous."

If you speak to him after the quest, he says:

"Well done, my ally. Always remember you have the ear of this Dres grandmaster, should you need it."