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Loading Screens[edit]

The following loading screen text was datamined, but doesn't appear in-game:

  • Castle Copperwing - Tucked in the mountains of Wrothgar, Castle Copperwing has been abandoned for centuries.
    • Castle Copperwing Gatehouse
  • Torug's Shrine
  • Morkul Clanhold (original name for Morkul Stronghold)
  • Waflik Cavern
  • Yagdoth (a reused name from Daggerfall, ultimately scrapped)
  • Ice-Heart's Lair
  • Temple Library
  • Hall of Vengeance
  • Chambers of Loyalty
  • King Inulu's Throne Room
  • Horker's Notch
  • Sanctum of Prowess


Fharhun Clan[edit]

Fharun was originally spelled Fharhun:

  • Reach Fharhun Sanctuary
  • Talk to Shufara gra-Fharhun
  • Go to Fharhun Stronghold
  • Grand Forge-Mother Alga
  • Chief Bazrag gro-Fharhun^M
  • Shufara gra-Fharhun^F
  • Fharhun Guard^m
  • Fharhun Guard^f
  • Fharhun Temple Sanctum
  • Fharhun Sanctum
  • Fharhun Temple
  • Fharhun Sanctuary
  • He asks that you seek him out at our home, Fharhun Stronghold. He would not share fully his thoughts with me, but in truth I worry for my husband. He does not beg, but he demanded I do anything necessary to convine you to come.
  • Oh yes. Has a shrine to the Daedric Prince right outside the Fharhun stronghold.
    But I suspect Bazrag's hatred for Trinimac is more politically-motivated. It's helped him rally a lot of the other clans to his cause.
  • I will seek out Bazrag at Fharhun.

Auric Union[edit]

The Auric Union was the original name for the Vosh Rakh:

  • Take Revenge on the Auric Union
  • Auric Union Striker^M
  • Auric Union Striker^F
  • Auric Union Skirmisher^M
  • Auric Union Skirmisher^F
  • Auric Union Armiger^M
  • Auric Union Armiger^F
  • Auric Union Champion^M
  • Auric Union Champion^F
  • Auric Union Conqueror^M
  • Auric Union Conqueror^F
  • Auric Torturer^F
  • Auric Union Deadeye^M
  • Auric Union Deadeye^F
  • Auric Union Tempest^m
  • Auric Union Tempest^f
  • The Daedric Prince Malacath spoke to me and gave me a blessing. I agreed to act as his instrument of vengeance against the Auric Union. I should kill as many Auric Union members as I can while the blessing lasts.
  • Chief Bazrag, won't you see reason? The Auric Union wants all of the Orsimer to see their beautiful future.
  • It's not fair that those Auric Union fanatics gave us a bad name.
  • Auric Mask
  • Then accept my blessing. Go forth into the midst of this Auric Union and kill them with prejudice. Let them experience the same anguish they bestowed on my faithful.
    The Bloody Curse works quickly and so must you.
  • The Auric Union did this.


Name Description
The Trial of Tracking

The Hand of Morkul was originally called the Rime Hammer:

  • Whenever there's an Orsinium, our clan, Clan Morkul have always been keepers of the king's forge.
    But after the last time the city fell, well—our clan lost something. Sort of a family heirloom. The Rime Hammer.
  • Ssh. Don't let him hear you say that.
    The Rime Hammer is an old family relic. Legend is the first Morkuls used it to forge the battle-armor of Torug, founder of Orsinium. Some think we're cursed for losing it.
  • What's the Rime Hammer?
  • Trust me. You don't need the Rime Hammer to be strong.
  • You can return to your clan now. They've recovered the Rime Hammer.

For King and Glory[edit]

  • It's the clan chiefs. I'm hoping that the death of Mogbach will quiet some of the constant complaining, but I really need to make an impression.
    Maybe you can help me with that.
  • Yes. It appears you have impressed the king with your martial skills and abilities.
    He also asked me to give you this. The Ice-Heart that you and the king ripped out of *Mogbach's chest. His mightiness wants you to have it.
  • Why don't you take Mogbach's frozen heart to Scarp Keep. I'll go on ahead and gather up the clan chiefs. They're probably still bickering anyway.
    You make a grand entrance and show off our trophy. That'll get the attention of the chiefs!
  • Kill Mogbach Ice-Heart
  • Kill Urfon Ice-Heart
  • Loot Mogbach
  • I should help King Kurog kill the Winterborn warlord, Mogbach Ice-Heart.
  • I should help King Kurog kill the Winterborn warlord, Urfon Ice-Heart.
  • This is the Ice Heart pulled from the chest of the Reachman Warlord, Mogbach.
  • No. There are still Reachmen to deal with. But without Mogbach, they won't present too much of a problem. I'll check in on the camp and head back to Orsinium.
  • No need. I get enough coddling from the shield-wives as it is.
    Head to Orsinium at your own pace. Just don't delay too long. We want to announce Mogbach's death to the chiefs before they hear about it from someone else.
  • What can you tell me about Mogbach Iceheart?

A Question of Succession[edit]

  • Ushruka, my granddaughter and huntswife to King Kurog. She wishes to take on her father's mantle, but she serves the clan better from her place in Orsinium.
  • Ushruka, my granddaughter and the late King's huntswife. She wishes to take on her father's mantle, but the clan is better served by her remarrying into another to solidify our alliances.
  • Does, doesn't it? My great-grandfather chose the spot. Far away from everything. Plenty of trees, game.
    We drive the echateres to pasture in the warm months, and corral them up here in winter. This winter's likely to be colder than most.
  • Live on the land as long as I have, you learn to read the signs. The herd is restless, the wildlife flees, and the giants … well, I think all this snow gets to them sometimes.
  • Our chief lies dead by Kurog's hand, and his daughter, the king's Hunt-wife, has returned to demand her place in the trials for a new chief.
  • Our chief has passed, and his daughter, Hunt-wife to King Kurog, has returned to claim her place in the trials to choose a new chief.
  • Your words ring true. Malacath would not disapprove of your actions. Very well. I will make you Blood-Kin of our clan so that none may question your right to lead.
  • I helped plan it. It's about time we had a female chieftain. Orc women are as capable warriors and leaders as the men.
  • Ushruka is bold and capable but the Code of Malacath is clear: the chief must be male.
    She comes from Orsinium like a horsefly biting at the backside of a thousand years of tradition.

Horker-Tusk King[edit]

  • Go ahead with the plan. Steal the totem from the Horker-Tusk King and take it up to the ruins. Plant it in the Frostmaul Chieftain's Lair.
    I'll catch up as soon as I can. I just need to let my wounds mend a little and then I'll be right behind you.
  • I was. I grew up in the Mak Stronghold. Don't know who my real parents were. The wisewoman, Bazbekh, found me just outisde [sic] when I was an infant. I grew up assuming I was just a little paler than other Orcs.
    I'm not a Nord.
  • I'm sure Nords are fine people. Maybe they're a little soft, so I've heard. I just don't want to be a Nord myself.
    I've always seen myself as an Orc, and nothing can change that.
  • <The alchemist appears to have been slaughtered by a snow ogre. Recipes and ingredients are scattered around the area.>

Oozrul's Cairn[edit]

Azrath asked me to deliver the scroll containing the sacred words of Malacath to someone named Kroma. I should find her in a house marked with Malacath's light in Orsinium's residential district. Avreg asked me to find Lothangar in the cavern and convince him to abandon his plan.

  • Lothangar can't be convinced to give up on his plan, so I agreed to help him. I should go on ahead and steal the riekr's tribal totem. Lothangar will catch up when he can.
  • Lothangar can't be convinced to give up on his plan, so I agreed to help him. I should go ahead and take the riekr's tribal totem and plant it in the ogre chieftain's lair. *Lothangar will catch up when he can.
  • I placed the Horker-Tusk tribal totem in the Frostmaul chieftain's lair to break up their alliance. I should speak to Lothangar to tell him it's done.
  • Lothangar's now asked that I help him retrieve the helm of an ancient Orcish hero named Oozrul. First, I have to figure out how to get into Oozrul's tomb.
  • I've broken into Oozrul's tomb. Now I just need to find the helm.
  • I should read Oozrul's Epitaph.
  • Oozrul's Epitaph warns against stealing his helm. It says that anyone who carries it will be cursed. Either I should take it anyways and give it Lothangar or I should leave it and tell him about the curse.
  • I decided to leave Oozrul's cursed helm alone. I should tell Lothangar.
  • Lothangar can't be convinced to give up on his plan, so I agreed to help him. I should go ahead and take the Horker-Tusk tribal totem and plant it in the Frostmaul chieftain's lair. Lothangar will catch up when he can.
  • Yeah, Guess we don't look much alike. He's the one pretty one. Heh. I tease him about it.
    Don't tell me he sent you in after me? Doesn't he think I can handle a few reikr? Although to be fair, the Ogres are tough.
  • Easy. Riekr are like goblins, obsessed with their damn totems.
    I'm going to steal their totem and plant it in the the [sic] Frostmaul Chieftain's lair. That'll drive them into pure bloodlust, and once they attack the ogres, it'll be war.
  • Nope. I'll tell you the same thing I told Avreg. You want me to leave, you'll just have to help me.
    If you do help me though, I think we can do it quickly, and then we'll both be heroes. You should do it.
  • Well … the term implies sophistication, but really, the riekr and the Frostmaul ogres are simply conducting raids together.
    Must have been return of Orcs to the region that drove them to such strange behavior.
  • He heard, or was told, that there were ruins and treasure deep in this old cavern.
    His plan, if you can call it that, is to fight his way through the reikr and ogres and win glory for the gro-Mak brothers. He just doesn't think things through.

Wrothgar Riekr quest[edit]

Nellic Sterone and his Khajiiti apprentice named Mezhun were slated to appear in Wrothgar, but the quest was scrapped. A journal and errant strings of the quest can still be found in the files.

  • Assisting with research like this is a noble pursuit. We must educate people.
    Sure the riekr bathe in filth and sometimes eat their young, but these behaviors maintain their social structure. Some of their other behaviors are quite advanced.
  • <<1>> will not lose another clan.
    I won't allow it.
  • Ah, I can smell the all-too-familiar stench of Riekr on you. I'm guessing you have the items Nellic wrote me about. Good.
    What about Apprentice Mezhun? Any word from him?
  • Apprentice Mezhun is dead.
  • What happened with the Stonechewers in Stormhaven?

Maelstrom Arena[edit]

The Maelstrom Arena was originally supposed to have 10 arenas, hence why the 10th bust in the starting area is a Baron instead of an arena boss, and the cut Skein Grotto would have been visited somewhere in the middle. As the name suggests, it would've been themed after the Spiral Skein and complimented the Spiral Shadows arena in a similar manner to how Seht's Balcony contrasts with Seht's Flywheel.

  • Enter Skein Grotto
  • Survive Skein Grotto
  • I should enter the next arena, Skein Grotto.
  • I need to survive this challenge, Skein Grotto.
  • The Skein Grotto—its architect was the Baron Who Moves Like Light Glittering Through Crystal. \n\nAs I recall, that baron had an unwholesome fascination with Mephala. But what did he look like? How did he move? I wish I could remember.


  • A mention of "Blackburn the Eternal Potion Master LOLOL", seemingly a reference to designer Joe Blackburn.