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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-polymorph-Draugr.png Draugr Polymorph 01000Unavailable 1,000 Crowns This guise makes the wearer appear to have withered flesh beneath ancient Nord armor—perfect for lurking in tombs. A draugr polymorph.
ON-icon-polymorph-Dread Anka-Ra.png Dread Anka-Ra 012001,200 Crowns When Emperor Tarish-Zi returned out of the mists of the past, his ancient warriors rose from the dead to serve him as the stony Anka-Ra, undead that seemed hewn from rock itself. …It could be a good look for you. An Anka-Ra polymorph. 22 February 2018
ON-icon-polymorph-Factotum.png Factotum 02000Unavailable 2,000 Crowns Adopt the perfected form of a Factotum and move with clockwork precision. A polymorph in the form of a Factotum. Alters the /idle, /sleep, /bow, /twiddle, /wave, /hammerwall, /hammerlow, and /dance emotes. Overrides Personalities.
ON-icon-polymorph-Pumpkin Spectre.png Pumpkin Spectre Polymorph 01200Unavailable 1,200 Crowns A Pumpkin Spectre is like a horrific figure from a skooma-induced nightmare! And with this costume, the wearer can take on the semblance of these dread monsters. A polymorph in the style of a Pumpkin Spectre, a monster summoned by hedge wizards during the Witches' Festival of Frostfall.
ON-icon-polymorph-Scarecrow Spectre.png Scarecrow Spectre Polymorph 01200Unavailable 1,200 Crowns The dark magic that makes a spectre animate a scarecrow is thought to be related to those spells that create lurchers from spriggans. Wherever they come from, this costume enables the wearer to apear to be one of these Scarecrow Spectres. A polymorph in the style of a Scarecrow Spectre, a monster summoned by hedge wizards during the Witches' Festival of Frostfall.
ON-icon-polymorph-Werewolf Lord.png Werewolf Lord 01200Unavailable 1,200 Crowns Wear Hircine's Gift with pride as the leader of the lycanthrope pack with the Werewolf Lord polymorph. Time to howl! This polymorph gives you wolflike features and a werewolf-themed outfit. The appearance of the polymorph is gender-specific and also has unique models for Argonians and Khajiit.
ON-icon-polymorph-Wraith-of-Crows.png Wraith-of-Crows 02000Unavailable 2,000 Crowns Pay homage to Nocturnal the Night Mistress by assuming the appearance of her horrific half-bird servant! A wingless Wraith-of-Crows polymorph.