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Corporal Anerel
Home Settlement Velyn Harbor
Location Fighters Guild
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Soldier
Other Information
Faction(s) Fists of Thalmor
Corporal Anerel

Corporal Anerel is a Bosmer member of the Fighters Guild found outside the hall in the town of Velyn Harbor. She is one of two possible quest givers for the Velyn Harbor quest.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

House and Home[edit]

"Please … you have to help. They're trapped. There's no help coming, and they don't know it."
Who's trapped? What happened?
"Lieutenant Ehran ordered me to rescue civilians trapped in the Trade Hall and the Mages Guild.
The Redguards and the Drublog Wood Orc clan attacked. They're everywhere, and we scattered. Even the captain's missing."
What can I do to help?
"Sergeant Linaarie will be here soon. She's the lieutenant's right-arm, but she can't be everywhere at once.
Can you get the townsfolk from the Trade Hall and Mages Guild out? Send them here to the Fighters Guild barracks."
I'll take care of this.
"The Drublog will show no mercy. Please, get into the Mages Guild and the Trade Hall quickly.
If the townsfolk are alive, you'll find them there.
How do I get to the civilians?
"The Mages Guild and the Trade Hall are beyond the forge in the courtyard.
Watch out for the Drublog in the marketplace. They're fighting the Fists of Thalmor and we can't beat them without reinforcements. "
Why are you in Velyn Harbor
"Captain Cularalda brought us here to meet the Silvenar and the Green Lady. We're their escorts. The captain would know more. Ask her, if she's alive."
Do you think the civilians will be able to help take back the city?
"That's the Lieutenant's call. I'll do my duty, when I get patched up. I doubt Lieutenant Ehran will abandon Velyn Harbor, though. He's serious about his duty. And any militia we can raise will follow him, I guarantee it. "
Do you think your captain is still alive?
"Captain Cularalda was at the docks early this morning to meet the Bosmer dignitaries.
There wasn't time to sound an alarm, and I don't know if she survived the first attack. Maybe the Fists of Thalmor can avenger her death. If she's dead. "
Dignitaries? Who are you talking about?
"My people, the Bosmer, believe they are two halves of our lives. The Green Lady is our physical aspect, while the Silvenar is our spiritual essence.
When they are united, so are we. They're important to the Bosmer, and to the Dominion's stability."

One Fell Swoop[edit]

After saving Velyn Harbor, she can be found in front of the Fighters Guild.

"A number of Velyn Harbor's citizens joined the militia after you rescued them.
They'll protect the town when you're gone. Thank you!"

She has ambient lines that she says to Lennoc Barthel as he trains in front of the guild hall.

Corporal Anerel: "You expect a hero to save the harbor again?"
Corporal Anerel: "Practice now, talk later. Take this seriously."
Corporal Anerel: "If you want to be in the militia, train like it."
Corporal Anerel: "You fought Ra Gada and Drublog. These targets can't scare you!"
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