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Home City Lillandril
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Calawende is chief diplomat of the Mages Guild currently involved in the investigation of a Sapiarch murdered by a guild member.

Related Quests[edit]


After talking to Emile Oncent for the first time, she'll approach you with:

"You there! Why are you interrogating Emile?"

Once you begin a conversation with her, she'll reply:

"I am Calawende, chief diplomat of the Mages Guild. I apologize for my tone. This has been a trying time.
The Sapiarchs consider this matter closed, you know. What are you doing, exactly? Who sent you? Our interests may align."
Vivienne asked me to speak to Emile. She believes he didn't murder Haladan.
"Vivienne. Look, I've uncovered something odd as well. The Sapiarchs have made it very difficult for me to intervene directly. Perhaps you can help.
Emile met a shady merchant named Galidor prior to the murder. That's very out of character for him."
What sort of dealings did he have with Galidor?
"That's what I came here to find out. But it seems Emile doesn't want to talk.
Galidor has deep connections to Lillandril's smugglers and thieves. If you learn what Emile purchased from Galidor, we might gain some insight into Haladan's murder."
All right. I can look into this business with Galidor. Where should I start?
"Galidor stores his business ledger in one of the inn's larger suites. Unfortunately, he placed a hex on the book, making it impossible to read without a passphrase.
If you discover the passphrase, you should be able to learn what Emile purchased."
All right, I'll learn the passphrase and investigate the ledger.
"My contacts tell me that Galidor left the city on business. Goodness knows what kind. No one will accost you while you investigate.
Just be careful. It cannot become known the Mages Guild is investigating this matter after the Sapiarchs forbid it."
What can you tell me about Vivienne?
"She is... tenacious. She often volunteers to help others. You won't find a more zealous advocate for the Mages Guild's goals and mission. In truth, I've never had a greater pupil—aside from Emile, of course."
How is Emile more talented?
"Hmm. In my experience, people use talent as an excuse for idleness and lack of effort.
Emile and Vivienne both enjoy great natural ability, but Emile's focus on Restoration magic indicates purer motives. He also works harder than anyone I know."
Why haven't you looked into this matter yourself?
"Truthfully? I'd love to. But as a diplomat, I don't have that luxury. The Sapiarchs consider the matter settled, and officially, our Mages Guild has accepted their ruling. I have a duty to preserve our relations with the Sapiarchs."
So Haladan's murder has caused tensions between the Mages Guild and Sapiarchs?
"It has exacerbated tensions that already exist.
The Sapiarchs see this murder as evidence of our negligence. Members of the guild resent it. So we're caught in something of a downward spiral."

If the player is an Altmer:

"It has exacerbated tensions that already exist.
You're a High Elf. You know how stodgy and inflexible our people can be. The Sapiarchs see this murder as evidence of guild negligence. Our members resent it. So we're caught in a downward spiral."
Is there anyone else who might shed light on the murder?
"Yes, the guard who found Emile. Milerond. The Sapiarchs classified him as a riasen—a critical witness. Anyone with close ties to Emile is forbidden to speak with him, but not you.
I'll find out where they've hidden Milerond. You look into Galidor."

After your investigation into Galidor's Ledger, she'll be waiting for you outside the inn:

"Pst. Over here."

Speaking to her will reveal:

"I trust you were successful? My own inquiries were fruitful. I've learned where we must go next in this investigation.
But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Did you manage to break Galidor's wards? What did you find?"
Yes. Emile purchased a keg of sheep's blood and several alchemical syringes from Galidor.
"Honestly? What would Emile want with sheep's blood? And syringes? I'd suspect blood magic or chemical addiction if I didn't know Emile.
Neither of those items are illegal. He must have bought them from Galidor to keep the purchase a secret."
So what now?
"I'll try to figure out what Emile wanted with these items. Meanwhile, I've found the guard who arrested Emile—Milerond. I am forbidden to speak to him, but you are not.
The Sapiarchs moved Milerond to Lillandril's docks. Find out what he knows."

Speaking to her before Emile after going to Saltbreeze Cave:

"What did Guard Milerond have to say? Were you able to discover anything that might shed light on Haladan's murder?"
I need to speak with Emile before I can say anything definitive.

After speaking to Emile:

"Poor Emile. He meant well, but these are shocking revelations. I never thought he'd be so reckless.
Creating a potion to deliberately infect someone with vampirism? By the Eight. If this gets out the Sapiarchs may never trust us again."
You'd let Emile go to prison to cover this up?
"I care for Emile, but I have a whole guild to consider. We've brought many outsiders to Summerset, and our relations here are tenuous at best.
Even if Emile didn't murder Haladan, creating a potion this hazardous is still grounds for exile."
What will happen to Emile if I suppress this evidence?
"I spoke to Sapiarch Soraturil. If Emile makes a full confession, the Sapiarchs will let us handle the details of his imprisonment.
I've arranged for Emile to return to Stormhaven. A familiar setting, sympathetic guards … it's the best I can do."
Will he ever go free?
"No. But then, there are many forms of freedom, wouldn't you agree?
Emile will have access to our vast library, and ample opportunity to write and publish. He can still play a vital role in the advancement of the arcane arts. You have my word."

Speaking to her on the matter one last time, she'll ultimately leave the decision to you:

"I trusted you to investigate this matter, and I've made my recommendation. Truthfully, I am too close to both Emile and the Mages Guild to approach this choice objectively.
Ultimately, I leave the decision in your hands. I do not envy you."

If you decide to let Emile go free:

"I know this wasn't easy. While I disagree with your decision, I understand why you made it. I only hope Emile and the Sapiarchs can look past this sordid affair.
At least Emile will go free. I hope he can make peace with that."

If you decide to respect Emile's wishes:

"I know this wasn't easy. Condemning an innocent man to prison makes me nauseous, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.
As odd as it sounds, I think your decision brought Emile some measure of peace. Thank you."
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