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Protect the sacred words of Malacath from the Vosh Rakh.
Zone: Wrothgar
Objective: Fharun Stronghold — Thwart the plans of the Vosh Rakh at Fharun Stronghold.
Quest Giver: Archivist Murboga
Location(s): Fharun Stronghold, Sanctuary of Malacath, Orsinium
Reward: Malacath's Final Word
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High XP
ID: 5340
Fharun Stronghold's Sanctuary of Malacath
The Vosh Rakh attacked Fharun Stronghold, killing people in Trinimac's name. A dying archivist claimed they sought a secret sanctuary and the sacred words of Malacath that are hidden within.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Archivist Murboga at the entrance to Fharun Stronghold.
  2. Gather blood from the archivists.
  3. Find Malacath's Shrine in the keep.
  4. Read the Path of the Faithful for clues on how to proceed.
  5. Find the sanctuary.
  6. Bring the scroll to Orsinium for safekeeping.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In the shrine, place the archivists' blood in the offering bowls to open the path. The door is Malacath's Head on the altar. In the Prayer Rooms, there will be a table with a candle next to each door (to the left of the door). Go through the door next to the only lit candle in each room. In the Hall of Faith, jump in the well.

Quest Stages[edit]

Blood and the Sacred Words
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The dying archivist asked me to gather blood from all of the archivists that were killed by the Vosh Rakh, starting with her own. According to her, I'll need the blood to gain access to the sanctuary where the sacred words are stored.
Objective: Gather Blood from the Archivists: 0/4
A hooded Orc has appeared claiming to offer aid with my task. I should talk to him and see what he wants.
Objective: Talk to the Azrath
I gathered the blood of the fallen archivists and the Hooded Orc provided me with a book that should help me find the path to the sanctuary where the sacred words are stored. He said the path begins in Malacath's shrine in Fharun Keep.
Objective: Find Malacath's Shrine in the Keep
I reached the shrine. According to the book, "The shrine in Fharun Keep hides the path to the sanctuary. Only a gift of life's most precious fluid, freely given by the holy curators, will reveal the way." I need to figure out what this means.
Objective: Open the Way to the Sanctuary
Offering the blood of the archivists appears to have activated some ancient mechanism. I need to find the passage that leads to the hidden sanctuary.
Objective: Search for Malacath's Hidden Sanctuary
Objective Hint: Read the Path of the Faithful for Clues
Objective Hint: Read Book Again for Clues
I'm inside the hidden sanctuary beneath Fharun Stronghold. I should figure out how to retrieve the sacred words of Malacath as the dying archivist requested.
Objective: Retrieve the Sacred Words
After I retrieved the scroll containing the sacred words of Malacath, Azrath appeared again. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Azrath
☑Finishes quest Azrath asked me to deliver the scroll containing the sacred words of Malacath to someone named Kroma. I should find her in a house marked with Malacath's light in Orsinium's residential district.
Objective: Deliver the Scroll