Shadows of the Hist

Online: Blind Luck

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ON-icon-achievement-Blind Luck.png Blind Luck
Type Shadows of the Hist Achievements
Points 10
Defeat Tree-Minder Na-Kesh in Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun without any party members using the Reveal synergy to identify the real Avatar of the Hist.

Blind Luck is achieved by defeating Tree-Minder Na-Kesh without using the Reveal synergy (standard veteran, not available on veteran hard mode) to identify the real Avatar of the Hist during Hist Hallucinations. During Hist Hallucinations, the Tree-Minder targets one player and throws Amber at them, causing them to hallucinate. If you are affected, your screen with turn a mild shade of blue, and the statues along the edge of the arena will glow. The affected player will see Avatars of the Hist all around the edge of the arena in place of statues, and must be guided to destroy the totem. While targeted, you must find the Empowered Tree-Minder Totem and destroy it. Your allies can activate a synergy to reveal the real avatar on normal, but on veteran hard mode, you need to communicate to find it.

A good strategy without using voice communications is for the tank to run over to the real one, which will be glowing for those with normal vision. This achievement can be earned by using the hard mode strategy on standard veteran, without using the reveal synergy. Alternatively, the group can simply complete the fight on hard mode without attempting a standard run, so as to not risk a group member accidentally hitting the Reveal synergy on a standard vet run.