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Home Settlement Orzorga's Kitchen
Location Orzorga's Kitchen
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Barazal is an Orc located in Scarp Keep in the city Orsinium, and one of the wives of the King of Orsinium.[verification needed — see talk page] It is impossible to interact with her.

At the completion of A Feast to Remember, Barazal will appear in Orzorga's Inn:

Barazal : "You are Orzorga, master of Orc cuisine?"
Orzorga : ""Master?" I … yes, that's me. And you are?"
Barazal : "Barazal, hearth-wife to the king."
Orzorga : "Oh! Welcome to my kitchen. Can I get you something? Perhaps some candied chub loon? Fresh from the oven!"
Barazal : "No, I have business in Orsinium … yet I expect you to join me there shortly. I want you to cook the feast that will honor my husband. Can you do this for the king of the Orcs?"
Orzorga : "Of course. It shall be a feast to remember!"

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