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Help Orzorga prepare a main course for the King's feast.
Zone: Wrothgar
Quest Giver: Orzorga
Location(s): Orzorga's Kitchen
Prerequisite Quest: Thicker Than Water
Reward: Recipe: Orzorga's Smoked Bear Haunch
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Orzorga has nearly restored the long-lost reputation of Orc cuisine. She needs a few more rare ingredients to complete her masterpiece.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Gather glacial tomatoes, tundra truffles, durzog lichen, and a bear's head.
  2. Bring the ingredients to Orzorga

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Following the conclusion of Thicker Than Water, Orzorga will continue to prepare food:

"Thanks to your efforts, I have ingredients for everything but the main course.
We've come this far. If it's no trouble, I'd like you to procure what I need."
What do you have in mind?
"I need something to draw the attention of the cultural competition judges. Something … spectacular.
That's why I want to cook a stew inside a bear's head. You with me?"
I can do that.
"The glacial tomato features in this dish, so bring me a bundle. Also some tundra truffles, and a decent amount of durzog lichen.
As for the bear head, I want you to take it from Gnarl-fang's shoulders. Bastard ate my shipment of coffee beans."

At this point you can proceed to collection, or further question Orzorga:

I had some questions about the ingredients.
"Of course."
What's special about a glacial tomato?
"It's just a tomato. We call them 'glacial' because the cold soil gives them a richer flavor.
There's a small patch near Orsinium. The farmer and I are on good terms, so grab what you need."
What about tundra truffles and durzog lichen?
"Tundra truffles are delicacies fit for a chief. Look near the old aqueduct, in areas without snow.
Durzog lichen is spread around when durzog migrate—it's where they were, not where they are. The seeds catch in their paws, or something."
Wait. How is a tundra truffle different from a snow truffle?
"Location, really. Also, snow truffles have a very distinct flavor. While delicious, they would overpower the dish.
On its own, the tundra truffle is far more subtle, but it is perfect for bringing other tastes to the forefront."
All right. Tell me about the bear head.
And how about the bear head?
"Say what you want about tradition … I think Orcs first turned a bear head into food because it looks amazing.
All the rest is hot smoke up the flue. 'The preferred meal of Baloth Bloodtusk himself.' If you believe the Orsinium vendors—which you shouldn't."

For Durzog Lichen, head west of the Icy Shore Wayshrine. It can be found growing in the ground.

For the bear's head, travel slightly west of the Fharun Stronghold, where you'll be able to find Gnarl-Fang. Gnarl-Fang is, however, dead; the bear you'll instead have to kill is White Death. Once the latter bear has been killed, claim the head from the former.

For Glacial Tomato, head to a farm south of the Shatul Wayshrine, and pick them off their plants.

Tundra Truffles can be found in the ground north of the Frostbreak Ridge Wayshrine.

Once you've collected all of Orzorga's ingredients, find her in Orzorga's Kitchen and hand over the ingredients:

"Frozen durzog liver pairs surprisingly well with mead."
I have the ingredients. And Gnarl-fang was already dead—perhaps it was the coffee?
"Ha! Coffee shipped all the way from Velyn Harbor and he eats the whole bag off the cart?
He'll make a fine smoked bear's head stew. One of his cousins just came off the fire, if you'd care for a sample.
Absolutely not.
"You aren't a fan of a dish that comes with its own container? Are you sure you can't make an exception? Just one ladle-full?"
No, I'll pass.
All right. Just one.
Sure! I've eaten stranger stuff than a smoked bear's head.
"Dig in! The lichen is key to the broth. You may notice the tomato base draws out the subtler taste of the truffles."
That's a deeply flavored stew.
"Bear meat is usually disgusting, but those of northern Wrothgar survive on a diet of fish. And the marrow makes for a delicious stew!
I can't wait to serve up Gnarl-fang's head. I hope there'll be a subtle hint of coffee."
Coffee-infused bear's head stew sounds delightful.
"Very true! You know, you're the best assistant I've ever had? Far better than Hamelyn Serpe … though there's really no comparison."
I think I just swallowed a bear's tooth.
"It's better you swallowed the tooth whole than tried to chew it. Though … you might pay for it later.
I was worried about the presentation—removing all the teeth makes the stew bowl look sickly."
If anyone else swallows a bear's tooth, they're going to look more sickly.
"Very true! You know, you're the best assistant I've ever had? Far better than Hamelyn Serpe … though there's really no comparison."

Once the quest concludes, Barazal will enter and converse with the chef:

Barazal: "You are Orzorga, master of Orc cuisine?"
Orzorga: "'Master?' I … yes, that's me. And you are?"
Barazal: "Barazal, hearth-wife to the king."
Orzorga: "Oh! Welcome to my kitchen. Can I get you something? Perhaps some candied chub loon? Fresh from the oven!"
Barazal: "No, I have business in Orsinium … yet I expect you to join me there shortly, I want you to cook the feast that will honor my husband. Can you do this for the king of the Orcs?"
Orzorga: "Of course. It shall be a feast to remember!"

Quest Stages[edit]

A Feast To Remember
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Orzorga asked me to bring her some glacial tomatoes, tundra truffles, and durzog lichen. Orzorga also wants me to collect a bear head from Gnarl-fang, the bear that broke into and ate one of her food shipments.
Objective: Gather Glacial Tomato: 0/8
Objective: Gather Tundra Truffle: 0/5
Objective: Gather Durzog Lichen: 0/3
Objective: Get Bear Head from Gnarl-fang
I have the ingredients Orzorga requested. I should bring them to her.
Objective: Bring the Ingredients to Orzorga
☑Finishes quest I brought Orzorga what she wanted. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Orzorga