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Online:Argonian Behemoth (Maelstrom Arena)

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Argonian Behemoth
Location Vault of Umbrage, Maelstrom Arena
Bedlam Veil, Skyvault Foyer
Species Argonian Behemoth
Health Normal435,324Veteran1,234,736 (Maelstrom Arena)
Normal633,106Veteran(?) (Bedlam Veil)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Argonian Behemoth

The Argonian Behemoth is a monstrous Argonian serving as the final boss of Stage 7: Vault of Umbrage in Maelstrom Arena.

During combat, the Argonian behemoth is accompanied by two Argonian Minders. If these are slain, their energy is transferred to the behemoth, causing him to enrage and glow red, greatly increasing his damage output.

The Argonian Behemoth is encountered once more during the Darkshard boss fight in Bedlam Veil. He appears when Darkshard reaches the 35% health threshold and retreats.

He uses all of the same abilities as before, only difference being the two Argonian Minders not being present in this version of the fight.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Wrecking Bite
The behemoth chomps at you, dealing moderate physical damage, followed by bleeding damage over time.
Lingering Spit
The behemoth spits poison at you from far away, leaving a circular AoE that deals moderate poison damage followed by poison damage over time.
Staggering Stomp
The behemoth stomps on the ground, sending out shockwaves all around him in a 360 degree angle, dealing high physical damage and staggering you.
Violent Punch
The behemoth delivers a quick but powerful punch, dealing high physical damage and staggering you.
Enraged Scream
The behemoth looks up at the sky before releasing a long and powerful roar, which reverberates throughout the arena, dealing continuous immense physical damage. Visually, this attack is denoted by the ground being disrupted radiating from the behemoth. This attack can be interrupted, but may enrage the Behemoth, causing it to glow red and increasing the damage of its other attacks. If an Argonian Minder is present, they will cast a shield you can hide under that will protect you from this attack. It is possible to attack the Behemoth from under the shield.


  • In this arena, when afflicted with poison, it can only be cured by the green bubble-like circles at the ends of the arena. Note that they only appear twice during the round, so use this ability carefully.
  • If you want to kill the Behemoth faster, it is suggested to activate the sigil of power and attack him before he enrages.