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Anvil Castle
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Discoverable No
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Owner Governor Fortunata ap Dugal
Restricted Yes (after the Audience Hall)
Red Sails Blademaster
Gold Coast
Anvil Castle

Anvil Castle is a castle in southeastern Anvil.

It's actually on an island, accessible from the city proper via a bridge. While the main areas are safe, there are also several restricted zones, filled with Red Sails pirates who will both attack and give you a bounty on sight. The castle also has a number of secret passages, identified by alcoves with red drapes beside them.

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Anvil Castle[edit]

Anvil Castle Audience Hall[edit]

The Audience Hall is not a Restricted Area. The Governor's throne can be found here, along with a number of patrons. An Anvil Guard patrols the area.

Anvil Castle West Halls[edit]

This section of the castle is separated from the rest, and contains the Red Sails barracks and the castle prison. An alcove here leads to a section of the Anvil Castle Secret Passages which links to the Central and Upper Halls.

Anvil Castle East Halls[edit]

The first chamber is the kitchen, guarded by Red Sails pirates. A hiding spot can be found in the corner. To the northeast is a wine cellar which contains an entrance to the Anvil Castle Secret Passages. Further down the corridor to the south, a small bedroom on the west side contains Braithayidra. The three rooms in the southeastern corner are similarly filled with castle staff; Nazz, Laurri, Leonhard Nathans and Helainie Simiseph.

Anvil Castle Upper Halls[edit]

This section links the East Halls to the Central Halls, and contains Governor Fortuna's private pantry. An alcove here leads to a section of the Anvil Castle Secret Passages which links to the West Halls.

Anvil Castle Central Halls[edit]

This section of the castle cannot be accessed directly from the Audience Hall, and you will need to go through the East Halls instead. The central passage southwards leads to the Governor's Suite, passing through a seating area where Berjac Garick, Tsazrebi and Nazd can be found. Glories of the Pirate Queen sits on a cabinet here. The room to the west appears to be a bedroom for the Red Sails, and an alcove outside this leads to a section of the Anvil Castle Secret Passages which links to the West Halls.

Anvil Castle Secret Passages[edit]

These secret passages lead from the West Halls to the Upper Halls just outside Fortuna's private pantry and the western section of the Central Halls near the Red Sails chambers (although this door is also labelled Upper Halls). They are not guarded, but do have tripwires.

Governor's Suite[edit]

The entrance to the Governor's Suite is locked (simple) and the room itself is not a Restricted Area. You will come here during the related quest, and find the Governor here, along with her servant Edwina. A note can be found on the table, hinting at the enemies that can be encountered in the escape tunnel. A door to the rear leads out to the castle balcony.

Anvil Castle Caves[edit]

Also identified from within the castle as Anvil Castle Secret Passages, these lead to the Castle Caves and are not a Restricted Area. The main passage is trapped in numerous places, and the central chamber contains three River Trolls. The Secret Passage leads from the Governor's Suite to the wine cellar in the northeast of the East Halls, and an exit leads out to the coast on the south side of the castle. This entrance is identified from the outside as Anvil Castle Tunnels. It is not possible to get back to the Governor's Suite from the caves due to a vertical drop.

Anvil Castle Balcony[edit]

The balcony can only be accessed from the Governor's Suite, and is the location of the climax of the related quest; maybe the next administration will install a railing. In the meantime, if you have enough health, you can jump off the edge yourself for a quick exit; otherwise backtrack to the Governor's Suite and access the secret passage to get to the Castle Caves.

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