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ON-icon-skill-Assault-War Horn.png War Horn
Line Assault
Line Rank 4 Cost 250 Ultimate
Cast Time Instant Duration 30 seconds
Target Area
Area 20 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Assault-Aggressive Horn.png Aggressive Horn
You and your allies gain Major Force for a brief period after activation.
ON-icon-skill-Assault-Sturdy Horn.png Sturdy Horn
You and your allies take less damage from critical attacks for a brief period after activation.
Values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000.
War Horn
War Horn: Duration: [27 / 28 / 29 / 30] seconds.
Sound a war horn to rally your forces, increasing you and your group's Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 10% for [27 / 28 / 29 / 30] seconds.
Aggressive Horn: Sound a war horn to rally your forces, increasing you and your group's Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 10% for 30 seconds. You and your allies gain Major Force, increasing your Critical Damage by 20% for [7 / 8 / 9 / 10] seconds.
Sturdy Horn: Sound a war horn to rally your forces, increasing you and your group's Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 10% for 30 seconds. You and your allies gain 1320 Critical Resistance for [7 / 8 / 9 / 10] seconds, reducing incoming Critical Damage by 20%.

War Horn increases the maximum Magicka and Stamina for all nearby allies by 10% for 30 seconds. The Aggressive Horn morph also increases the Critical Strike damage for all affected allies, while Sturdy Horn reduces the critical damage taken for all allies.


  • War Horn is very useful for boosting you and your allies' damage, with Aggressive Horn boosting critical damage even further.
  • Sturdy Horn can be more effective in PvP fights, as enemy players often have higher critical chances than NPCs.


Patch Notes[edit]

  • All ranks and morphs of War Horn now grant the Max Health buff.
  • Aggressive Horn: This ability now grants the Major Force buff for 8 seconds instead of granting bonus weapon damage. We also adjusted the visuals for this ability to help improve performance and visual clarity.
  • Sturdy Horn: Increased the duration of this ability. This morph also now provides the Minor Resolve and Minor Ward buffs.
  • Sturdy Horn: Fixed an issue where Rank III of this ability was not applying bonus Magicka.
  • This ability and its morphs no longer grant Minor Toughness.
    • Developer Comment: This Ultimate was providing too much power relative to other available choices. The Minor Toughness buff will still be available from the Warden class.
  • War Horn & morphs now affect 12 targets instead of 24
    • Developer Comment: Due to the structure of our group sizes and targeting systems in place, we wanted a healthier balance in terms of how abilities hit targets. Previously, many abilities only hit 6 players (such as Molten Weapons or Frost Cloak), while other abilities hit 24 players (Rapids or Warhorn) which left a large disparity in their performance in how groups engaged with them. We used the Trial group size as a healthy medium since it was in the middle of 4-player dungeon content and large-scale warfare in Cyrodiil. Please note that we consider abilities that heal or do damage as higher impact, thus their additional affixes will continue to only hit 6 targets for the time being.
  • Sturdy Horn: This ability no longer extends the duration of the bonuses or provides Minor Ward and Resolve. Instead, it will grant 15% worth of Critical Resistance to targets affected to operate as a counter to Aggressive Warhorn.
  • Aggressive Warhorn: The Major Force from this ability now lasts 10 seconds at rank IV, rather than 9.5 seconds. Be gone, duration based fractions.
  • This ability will now only apply to group members rather than allies.
  • Sturdy Horn (morph):
    • Increased the Critical Resistance granted from this Ultimate to 1320, up from 990, to match the adjustments to Major Force increasing to 20%.
    • Fixed an issue where the Critical Resistance granted could be stacked per cast.
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