Oblivion:Weakness to Poison

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OB-icon-Poisonweakness.png Weakness to Poison
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Effect ID WKPO
Base Cost 0.1
Barter Factor 0
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Weakness to Poison M% for D seconds

Weakness to Poison increases the strength of subsequent poisons by M%; the effect lasts for D seconds. All effects that can be applied using a poison are affected by weakness to poison. For most poisons, the magnitude of the poison is increased by M% and the poison's duration is unaltered. For example, a target with Weakness to Poison 50% active will suffer 15 points of damage from a Poison of Illness, instead of the usual 10 points. For Silence and Paralyze effects, however, the duration of the poison is increased by M% (these effects do not have a magnitude).

The Weakness to Poison effect must be active before the poison for it to have an effect. In other words, you must first cast a spell with a Weakness to Poison effect (or use a scroll or enchanted weapon with that effect), then strike with a poisoned weapon (see note).

The effect will last for the entire duration of any poison. Therefore, if you hit someone with a Weakness to Poison 50% for 10 seconds effect, then immediately follow that with a strike from a weapon poisoned with Damage Health 4 points for 15 seconds, 90 points of damage will be done (even though the weakness effect expires before the poison's damage effect).


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Apparel with Weakness to Poison[edit]

Grounded Boots 50%
Boots of the Swift Merchant 30%
Cursed Insulated ShieldSI 10%
Cursed Stormlord's ShieldSI 10%
Cursed Storm BootsSI 10%