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Find the Emperor's illegitimate son and escort him to Bruma.
Quest Giver: Jauffre
Location(s): Kvatch, Planes of Oblivion
Prerequisite Quest: Escape From Prison
Next Quest: Recover the Amulet
Reward: None
Martin prepares to destroy a Sigil Stone

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Martin in the Planes of Oblivion.
  2. Deactivate the four Sigil Stones.
  3. Return to the Oblivion Gate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Special Delivery[edit]

Once escaping the prison, the Champion will meet Jauffre in Bruma and hand him the Amulet of Kings. Jauffre will express sorrow for the Emperor's death, but reveals there is another heir to the throne. The Champion is sent to Kvatch to find Martin, the illegitimate son of the Emperor.


The gap to the west that may be jumped across

The level begins inside the Oblivion Gate in Kvatch. It is a single level map with a number of Daedroth and Scamps. The plane is divided into two sides which can be bridged by jumping across the gap to the left of the Oblivion Gate (see image). Martin can be found by traveling north from the Gate, moving east and finally south. He is identical in appearance to the Champion.

The Stones[edit]

Martin explains he must deactivate the four Sigil Stones scattered through the planes; each of the stones is near a corner of the map. Martin deactivates the first stones and then "joins" your party - he will follow you, but will be invisible. The second stone is found on the trail back to the Oblivion Gate; the third and fourth are on the north and south ends respectively of the other side of the map, which can be accessed by the means mentioned above. When a stone is selected, the Champion will pause and Martin will appear and deactivate it. On the fourth stone, Martin will stress you and he must return to the Gate before it closes. The stones must be activated in order.

Returning to the Gate[edit]

Simply activating the Gate after the four stones have been deactivated will end the quest; Martin and the Champion will then be found in Bruma with Jauffre. Although Martin indicates you must return to the gate before it closes, there appears to be no real time limit.


  • The quest, Daedroth in Kvatch can be taken by speaking to the civilian by the Oblivion Gate.
  • Martin will ask you to defend him while he deactivates the northwest stone; however, no enemies will approach until after the stone has been deactivated. Unused text found in the game files (such as "Martin has died") seems to indicate that it was originally planned for you to have to protect Martin as he works.

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