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Stop the Daedroth leading Scamps into Kvatch.
Quest Giver: Stefan
Location(s): Planes of Oblivion
Prerequisite Quest: The Illegitimate Son
Reward: Daedric Dagger
The Champion takes a Daedroth head-on

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Stefan near the Oblivion gate during The Illegitimate Son.
  2. Defeat three packs of Daedroth and Scamp followers.
  3. Return to Stefan for a reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


During The Illegitimate Son, a lone civilian named Stefan can be found next to the Oblivion gate. Stefan explains that there are Daedroth leading Scamps into Kvatch and asks for the Champion's help. The Champion needs to kill the Daedroth leaders.

The Daedroth[edit]

There are three packs of Daedroth with scamp followers that appear after the previous Daedroth leader has been killed. It is only necessary to kill the Daedroth and not the Scamps, however it would be wise for a player to defeat them all to avoid being overrun by enemies.

The packs appear as follows:

  1. A Daedroth and a Scamp north of the Oblivion Gate after speaking to Stefan
  2. A Daedroth and two scamps on the southeast side of the map (See:The Illegitimate Son)
  3. A Daedroth and three Scamps north of the Oblivion Gate

Safety, for the time being...[edit]

With the Daedroth Leaders eliminated, a player can return and speak to Stefan for a reward of one Daedric Dagger. The quest is then complete.