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Retrieve the Amulet of Kings from the Mythic Dawn Cultists.
Quest Giver: Jauffre
Location(s): Sewers, Cave
Prerequisite Quest: The Illegitimate Son
Next Quest: Spies
Reward: None
The trap door leading to the Shrine

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Enter the trap door in North Bruma.
  2. Journey through the Sewers.
  3. Fight the two Mythic Dawn Agents guarding the trap door to the Shrine.
  4. Find the Shrine in the Cave and Confront Mankar Camoran and his followers.
  5. Return the Tome Jauffre and Martin in Bruma.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


After rescuing Martin form Kvatch, Jauffre will inform the Champion that Mythic Dawn Cultists have stolen the Amulet of Kings and retreated into the Sewers beneath Bruma. You can enter the Sewers by a nearby trap door to the North of town.

The Sewers[edit]

The Sewers is a short linear level with several Mythic Dawn Agents and small trap door at the end leading to the Cave. Two mythic dawn agents - an archer and swordsman- stand guard over the trap door to the cave and must be defeated to advance.

There is also a large trap door hidden near the sewers entrance. It can be activated to start the Troll King side quest.

Camoran vanishes with the Amulet, leaving you to deal with his goons...

The Shrine[edit]

The Shrine can be found in the center of the Cave level. A number of Mythic Dawn Agents are scattered throughout. The Shrine can be easily recognized by the blue column and red NPC - Mankar Camoran - that reside within. Once you enter the Shrine, Camoran will alert his Agents and vanish with the Amulet.

Facing Camoran's Agents[edit]

Camoran has four agents the will attack you; with another 2 entering during the fight from the east. They are normal Mythic Dawn Agents and one repeatedly uses a poison spell.

The Tome[edit]

A book can be seen atop the column in the Shrine. Once Camoran's agents are defeated you can activate the column from the rear to retrieve the Tome and automatically return to Jauffre and Martin in Bruma. Martin will offer to begin translating the Tome.

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