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Modification is the process of modifying your game using player-created Mods. This section covers mod installation and management for mod users – for the process of creating your own mods, see Modding.


Mod Management[edit]

Once you start using a lot of mods with Morrowind, you'll find yourself running into a number of problems. This section is intended to help you manage your mods and savegames and resolve the problems that you'll encounter.

Note that some problems (especially dirty saves) are more easily prevented than repaired! So a little reading now may save you some grief later.

  • Dirty Saves — The definition of a "dirty save"
  • Doubling — Explanation for seeing two or more of something; also called "doubling"
  • Leveled Lists — Leveled lists problems and solutions
  • Repairing Saves — How to repair dirty saves
  • World Map — How to update the world map after adding/removing mods
  • Tools — A fairly complete list of tools for both users and modders. Note: Includes out of date and/or hard to find tools.
    • Tool Features — Lists of which tools have a particular feature