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Looking for some quick instructions without all the explanations? Here you go!

Adding a Mod[edit]

  • Download and unzip the mod to the Installers directory.
    • By default Wrye Mash is set to look for this directory just inside the Morrowind folder.
  • In Wrye Mash, Installers Tab
    • Right-click the desired package and select Install.
  • Perform a basic cleaning of the plugin.
  • In Wrye Mash, Mods Tab
    • Find the esp(s)/esm.
    • Set the readme doc.
    • Set the genre/group. [Optional]
  • Check the readme.
    • If there are multiple esps, are there rules about which should and should not be used?
    • Does the mod change standard leveled lists? If so, you'll need to re-merge your leveled lists.
    • Are there any comments on load order or conflicts?
    • Are any third party mods or resources required?
    • How do you get started playing the mod?
  • In Wrye Mash, Mods Tab
    • Set the esps modified date(s). [Optional]
    • Set the right esp(s) to load.
    • Merge leveled lists. [Optional]
  • In Wrye Mash, Saves Tab
    • Find the saves that you want to play and make them blue.
      • Select non-blue savegame. It's details will appear in the right hand panel.
      • Click at head of Masters list and select "Update".
      • If any mods need to be renamed, do so.
      • Click at head of Masters list and select "Sync to Load List". This should turn the list blue.
      • Scroll over the list to see if it looks correct.
      • Click "Save".
  • Play game!