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Help Tinos Drothan retrieve some raw glass stolen by his two "escorts".
Quest Giver: Tinos Drothan east of Vivec
Location(s): Beshara
Reward: 2, 3 or 5 points in Mercantile
ID: MV_AngryTrader
The entrance to Beshara

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Tinos Drothan just to the north of the Telvanni Canton.
  2. Travel to the cave Beshara.
  3. For maximum reward, kill Alvur Hleran and Dondir.
  4. Return the ten pieces of Raw Glass to the trader.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Angry Trader[edit]

Tinos Drothan can be found just north of Vivec's Telvanni Canton. Drothan is reluctant to yield anything useful at first, but raise his disposition to 50 and he'll tell you that his two "escorts" have stolen his shipment of Raw Glass. Of course, he asks you if you'd like to help and retrieve it.

Find the Thieves[edit]

The two escorts, Alvur Hleran and Dondir, ran southeast towards the cave Beshara. The cave actually houses a number of people of ill repute, including the two in question.

Retrieve the Contraband[edit]

The glass itself can be found in a locked chest at the very end of the cave. Pick the lock or get the key from Alvur (by any means necessary). When you return to Drothan with the 10 pieces of glass, you'll receive a bonus to your Mercantile skill. If you kill both thieves, you will get a 5-point bonus. Killing only one of them nets you 3 points, and if you don't kill either of them, you'll only get a 2-point bonus. Note that you can't cheat and give him 10 pieces of Raw Glass from somewhere else. Only the 10 in the chest in the cave will do, as they have a unique ID: ingred_raw_glass_tinos.


  • If Mercantile is one of your Major or Minor Skills, the Mercantile bonus points from this quest will not count towards the ten-points requirement for a level up. This effectively decreases your normal maximum level obtainable (without going to jail to reduce skills, and other tricks.)
  • The Mercantile bonus will not count toward a Personality increase multiplier when you level up.
  • The Mercantile bonus cannot raise your skill above the 100-point maximum. If your Mercantile is already maxed, you have no practical incentive to turn over the Raw Glass.
  • A roguish trick is to complete the quest, then taunt Drothan into a fight and legally kill him to take back the Raw Glass.
  • This Raw Glass can used as an (inefficient) alchemical ingredient, and can be used in conjunction with regular Raw Glass in the same formula since it has a different ID and thus counts as a different ingredient with the same properties.
  • The Raw Glass from this quest cannot be given to Bols Indalen in Mournhold to create custom armor.
  • Quest stage 30 is never set.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Angry Trader (MV_AngryTrader)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
5 I met a traveler near Vivec. He looked like a trader, but he was furious about something and refused to speak to me.
10 I met an angry trader near Vivec. His name is Tinos Drothan, and his "guards" have run off with the goods he was carrying.
20 Tinos Drothan has told me if I can find the guards who stole his glass, kill them, and return the glass, he'd teach me some trader's tricks that could save me money in the future. The guards' names are Alvur Hleran and Dondiir [sic], and he believes they are still in the area, perhaps holed up in a cave southeast of here.
23 I've agreed to help Tinos Drothan recover his stolen glass.
25 Finishes quest☑ I've decided not to help Tinos Drothan recover his stolen glass.
30 I've found where Alvur Hleran and Dondir were hiding, and was able to recover the glass.
100 Finishes quest☑ I've returned the raw glass shipment to Tinos Drothan, and although he was happy to have it back, he was unhappy I hadn't killed off his former guards. I guess that was enough, though, and he taught me a few tricks to dealing with merchants that could come in handy.
105 Finishes quest☑ I returned the raw glass that had been stolen from Tinos Drothan, and he was fairly happy that I had also killed off one of his former guards. In return, he taught me some "tricks of the trade" that should help me in future dealings with merchants.
110 Finishes quest☑ I returned the raw glass that had been stolen from Tinos Drothan, and he was very happy that I had also killed off his former guards. In return, he taught me some "tricks of the trade" that should help me in future dealings with merchants.