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This pages lists all quests not associated with the main quest, a great house, or another faction; for those quests, see the Quests page.

Ahemmusa Camp Quests[edit]

Ald'ruhn Quests[edit]

Ascadian Isles Quests[edit]

Ashlands Quests[edit]

Azura's Coast Quests[edit]

Bitter Coast Quests[edit]

Ebonheart Quests[edit]

Gnisis Quests[edit]

Grazelands Quests[edit]

Hla Oad Quests[edit]

Molag Amur Quests[edit]

Moonmoth Legion Fort Quests[edit]

Pelagiad Quests[edit]

Sadrith Mora Quests[edit]

  • Gateway Ghost: Solve the case of this haunted inn in Sadrith Mora.

Seyda Neen Quests[edit]

Sheogorad Quests[edit]

  • Thelas' Pillows: Discover the lost shipment of Drarayne Thelas' pillows in the Abandoned Shipwreck.

Suran Quests[edit]

Tel Branora Quests[edit]

Tel Vos Quests[edit]

Urshilaku Camp Quests[edit]

Vivec Quests[edit]

West Gash Quests[edit]