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Molag Bal's Shrine

Molag Bal is the Daedric Prince of Domination. He is involved in several quests and can be interacted with through his statues in Bal Ur and Yansirramus.

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A Cure for Vampirism[edit]

When you seek Molag Bal's Shrine during the quest A Cure for Vampirism

"So, you do not enjoy the blood hunger, little leech? Do you miss the warmth of the sun? I can obtain the cure for you, but you will help me first. You will find my daughter, Molag Grunda, in the dungeon Dubdilla below Mt. Assarnibibi [sic]. There she hides with her consort, the lowly atronach Nomeg Gwai. She believes hiding in a sorcerer's cave will shield her from my eyes. Foolish girl!"

"I ordered her not to associate with these animals. I told her what the penalty would be for her disobediance! Yet she continues to defy me! Willful beast! I cannot have this. Find her, mortal. Kill her and the atronach, so I may deal with them in the Outer Realms. When this is done, return to me, and I will rid you of your unlife. Take care, mortal, for she is powerful. She is still a daughter of Molag Bal."

After killing Molag Grunda:

"I see you have done as I asked, little vampire. It was not easy for me to obtain the cure, but I was able to pry it from Vaermina after some...discussion. You have earned it. Now I have eternity to punish my daughter for her defiance. Your curse is lifted. Yet...I wonder, will you miss the taste of blood on your lips? When you sleep, will you taste the salt and copper flowing over your tongue? Go, mortal. Bask in your precious sunlight."

Molag Bal's Quest[edit]

When you activate Molag Bal's shrine in Yansirramus:

"Why do you summon me now? I have no time for your pleadings, weakling. I have other matters that need my attention. Menta Na!!! He will pay for his insolence. Listen well--those in my service will do my bidding, or they will suffer eternal torment. You will serve me, mortal."

"Menta Na has grown careless and lazy. He sits in his wretched cave while life on the surface goes on unmolested. He was spawned a creature of terror! His role is to sow fear and discord among men and mer, yet he is content to stay locked in his cave and mock my will!"

"Kill him, mortal. Set his soul flying to the Outer Realms so that I might show him eternal torture for his disobedience. Take this key. You will find him in in the caves of Kora-Dur, east of Kogoruhn. Kill this lazy fool for me, mortal. Do this, and you will have my favor."

After killing Menta Na:

"Ah, you have freed the soul of Menta Na! Torment will be his. Endless agony is all he will know until the end of time. You have performed well, mortal. Perhaps you will be my servant again one day. Take this and use it well. Bring strife and discord with you wherever you may travel. Now go"


  • Like the name suggests, the Mace of Molag Bal is associated with him.
  • For all Daedric Shrines associated with Molag Bal, please see the following list.
  • During the quest Molag Bal of the House of Troubles, you will be asked to travel to Bal Ur as part of pilgrimage. Interacting with the shrine will state "Once like a Great House founded on sand, Stood our Temple whose pillars on troubles were based. Now mischievous spirits, bound, in dim corners stand, Rotted columns, but with iron-bound bands embraced. Cracked, crumbling marble, tempered on every hand, By strong steel forged in fire and faith. Shackled, these wayward servants serve the land, The Temple secured by the Builder's grace."
  • Molag Bal erroneously states that Dubdilla is below Mt. Assarnibibi.
    • This error is further made apparent with ESO, with Dubdil Alar Tower built on top of where Dubdilla would later be.
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