Morrowind:Ienas Sarandas (person)

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Ienas Sarandas (ienas sarandas)
Home City Ald'ruhn
House Ienas Sarandas's House
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 10 Class Savant
Other Information
Health 84 Magicka 134
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Ienas Sarandas
Ienas after joining the Temple

Ienas Sarandas is a Dunmer savant who lives in Ald'ruhn. Ienas inherited a fortune from his parents, but he has squandered most of it.

A number of local shopkeepers gave him goods on credit and are impatiently awaiting their payment. If persuaded to change his ways, he will join the temple and become a priest.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Greetings:
    • "Yes? I'm Ienas Sarandas. So. You're here about the overdue payments?"

  • my trade: [Disposition ≥ 30] "Trade? I'm afraid I have no trade. I shall have to think what to do."


  • In the quest names relating to this character, his last name is misspelled as "Ienas Sarandus".
  • If you resolve his quest peacefully, you'll find him at the Temple afterwards.