Morrowind:Divided by Nix Hounds

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Reunite this couple after an attack by wild beasts.
Quest Giver: Falanu Indaren or Drerel Indaren west of Ald'ruhn
Location(s): Ashlands
Reward: A Dance in Fire, Chapter 2
ID: MV_MissingCompanion
The Indarens reunited

Quick Quest[edit]

  1. Meet either Falanu Indaren or Drerel to start the quest
  2. Deal with the Nix-hounds
  3. Reunite the two spouses

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Divided by Nix Hounds[edit]

Just west of Ald'ruhn, on the road past the Silt Strider port, you will find Falanu Indaren standing alone. Speak to her to learn that she was separated from her husband when they were attacked by several nix-hounds. Falanu believes that her husband, Drerel fled west.

Eliminate the Threat[edit]

Kill several hounds in the area west-northwest of the wife. Drerel is hiding behind some boulders further northwest, not too far from Falanu. If you are having trouble finding him, look for a three way junction in the road and then travel north. Speak to him and lead him back to his wife to receive a copy of A Dance in Fire, Chapter 2, a Block skill book. If you happen to find Drerel before Falanu, you should be able to complete the quest as well (in that case, you start the quest by speaking with Drerel and Falanu won't have any unique dialogue).

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Divided by Nix Hounds (MV_MissingCompanion)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 While wandering near Ald'ruhn, I found Falanu Indaren, who had apparently been attacked by a pack of nix hounds while traveling with her husband.
15 While wandering near Ald'ruhn, I found Drerel Indaren, hiding among some rocks. He has been attacked by some nix hounds while traveling with his wife, and looks a little worse for the wear.
20 It seems that Falanu attempted to play dead when the nix hounds attacked, while her husband, Drerel Indaren, tried to fight them off. The hounds were too much for him, though, and he was chased off by them. She fears he may be dead, but is afraid to look for him for fear of being attacked again.
25 Apparently, Drerel attempted to fight off the nix hounds while his wife pretended to be dead. Although he put up a valiant struggle, the nix hounds got the best of him. He fled away from his wife, so as not to draw the nix hounds any closer to her. He fears they might have found her again and she might be dead, and would like me to help him find her.
30 I have decided to search for Drerel Indaren. Falanu doesn't figure he got too far, as he was injured by the nix hounds. I can only hope I am able to find him before he succumbs to his injuries. She was unsure, but she believes he fled to the west.
31 ☑Finishes quest I have no time to try and help Falanu Indaren find her husband.
35 I've agreed to travel with Drerel Indaren in an attempt to find his wife, Falanu. We can only hope that she was able to adequately fool the nix hounds into thinking she was dead, and that the beasts moved on. He thinks he fled west, but is unsure due to the confusion of the battle.
36 ☑Finishes quest While I appreciate Drerel's plight, I have no time to help him find his wife.
40 I've found Drerel Indaren, and will attempt to lead him back to his wife. The nix hounds did injure him, but he managed to survive by hiding among some rocks.
50 I was able to lead Drerel Indaren back to his wife, Falanu, and both were relieved to see that the other was alive.
60 ☑Finishes quest The reunited couple was very grateful for my troubles, but had little to offer me in the way of payment for my services. They did, however, give me one of their favorite books.
70 ☑Finishes quest Unfortunately, Drerel Indaren was killed on our way to find his wife. Sadly, the two will never be reunited.