Adamantium Armor

Morrowind: Adamantium Armor

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Adamantium Armor
Items Adamantium Armor
Released August 2, 2002
Size 266 KB
Patch None required

Adamantium Armor is an official plugin that adds the titular armor to the game in various locations around Vvardenfell. The plugin does not include an Adamantium Helm, however, as the Helm of Tohan plugin is intended to fill this role. Adamantium armor was also later added in the Tribunal expansion. There is no Adamantium shield, even with all official expansions and plugins installed.

Official Summary[edit]

"A new shipment of hard to find Adamantium Armor has arrived in places across Vvardenfell. You can find it at Meldor's Armory in Balmora, Hodlismod's shop in Caldera, Dandera Selaro's outdoor stand in Ald-Ruhn, and Ralen Tilvur's Smithy in Vivec." —Official Summary


Adamantium Armor is made available for sale from Dandera Selaro in Ald'ruhn, Hodlismod in Caldera, Meldor in Balmora, and Ralen Tilvur in Vivec.

In addition, Selaro, Hodlismod, and Meldor each have a chest containing a complete set of the armor (aside from the helm). Selaro has a few extra pieces sitting on top of her chest, and Ralen has all of his pieces out in the open.

New Content[edit]



Medium Armor
Name Weight Health Value Rating Enchant
Adamantium Cuirass Adamantium Cuirass
25.0 900 10000 40 30
Adamantium Pauldron Adamantium Left/Right Pauldron
7.0 400 800 40 3/10*
Adamantium Greaves Adamantium Greaves
13.0 400 10000 40 3
Adamantium Boots Adamantium Boots
adamantium boots
15.0 400 7000 40 10
Adamantium Bracer Adamantium Left/Right Bracer
4.0 200 1000 40 10

* The Left Pauldron only has an Enchant value of 3, but the Right Pauldron has an value of 10, breaking the general rule that pauldrons have very poor potential for enchantment.


  • As Medium Armor goes, Adamantium is still slightly inferior in terms of defense and durability to the best Medium Armor you can get, Indoril Armor. Exceptions are the Adamantium Helm (the best Medium-class helm in the game with all expansions and plugins installed), and the greaves (there are no Indoril Greaves). Adamantium is slightly better for enchanting, particularly the Adamantium Right Pauldron, which has the best enchantment value for any Medium-class pauldron (and tied with Bloodmoon's Nordic Mail, which is Heavy class, for best value for any pauldron of any class). Adamantium is also more valuable than Indoril armor, though this is more likely to work against you since it can only be purchased (or stolen), never found (unless you also install Tribunal). The Adamantium Cuirass and Helm have a distinct advantage over the Indoril ones, in that nobody will try to kill you just for wearing them. The unique Adamantium Helm provided as a quest reward in the Helm of Tohan plugin has the highest enchantment value of any helm.
  • If you're playing a female character (or a male who likes to cross-dress), there is another alternative for higher-quality Medium-class armor, the Gold Armor available with the LeFemm Armor plugin. Other than that, Medium remains the weakest of the three armor classes in the game at higher levels of play (i.e., after you have regular access to Glass, Ebony, and Daedric Armor).


  • One oddity about the Adamantium Armor chests of smiths Selaro, Hodlismod, and Meldor is that while there is one of each of the armor pieces in them, there is an endless supply of Adamantium Boots. Just keep checking again, and there will always be one. If you put one back, there will always be two. You can quickly load up on more Adamantium Boots than you can carry this way, though of course they will all be considered stolen, and you may get caught doing this.