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Dreugh Armor is a remarkably strong Dunmer Medium Armor created from the carapaces of Dreugh. It is among the tougher Medium Armors available in the game (exceeded only by Indoril Armor, a few Artifacts and some of the armors added by the two Expansions). Only the Cuirass, Helm, and Shield can be found. They are found as random loot more often than anywhere else. They are particularly common in Bloodmoon, as Fryse Hags are partial to this armor type, and can be found there in great numbers.

Name ID Weight Health Value Armor Rating Enchant
Dreugh Armor (Medium Armor)
Dreugh Cuirass Dreugh Cuirass dreugh_cuirass 27.0 1,200 5,250 40 18
Dreugh Helm Dreugh Helm dreugh_helm 4.5 400 2,250 40 22.5
Dreugh Shield Dreugh Shield dreugh_shield 13.5 800 2,550 40 45
Dreugh armor, male
Dreugh armor, female

Special Armor Items[edit]

Dreugh Cuirass
Dreugh Helm


The material is also suitable for making various crude weapons, such as clubs and staves.

Name ID Weight Health Value Chop Slash Thrust Speed Reach Enchant
Dreugh Club Dreugh Club dreugh club 10.8 400 200 7−8 4−5 3−5 1.5 1.0 3.6
Dreugh Staff Dreugh Staff dreugh staff 7.2 270 400 2−10 3−10 1−8 1.75 1.5 6.3
Dreugh Staff (top), and Club

Special Weapon Items[edit]

Dreugh Club
Dreugh Staff