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ON-npc-The Hound.jpg
Ulthorn circa 2E 582
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Born Wilding Run
Died 2E 582
Resided in Malabal Tor
Appears in ESO

Ulthorn the Hound was a Bosmer werewolf and cultist of Hircine.


Wolf aspect of Ulthorn

Ulthorn was born in the city of Wilding Run in northwestern Malabal Tor. He had a childhood friend, Gwaering, whom he shared many moments with. One day, while playing near the Deepwoods, a pack of Senche-Cats ambushed them. While Ulthorn cowered in fear, Gwaering stood her ground and beat them to a pulp with a bone she found on the ground. Ulthorn would also practice his archery with Gwaering and her sister, and Gwaering showed a natural talent for archery. This attracted the attention of Finoriell, the Green Lady, who witnessed her split the other's arrows over and over again.[1] This skill would pay off during a dire encounter; the pair were tracking a beautiful panther, which avoided their traps and pounced on them. Despite Gwaering raining arrows on it, it still relented, and sent Ulthorn flying as it reached for his spear. It perished when Gwaering delivered the finishing blow with her blade, its skull would be converted by Ulthorn as a token for his affection for his savior.[2]

Hircine sought the Green Lady as a trophy for generations, for reasons that remain ambiguous. One theory as to why was that she represents the strongest of the Bosmer, who are said to be among the greatest hunters of Nirn.[3] After the Bosmer Gwaering was chosen as the Green Lady, she was obligated to marry the new Silvenar, Indaenir, for the good of the Bosmeri people. Her former lover Ulthorn became bitter, and Hircine took advantage of his passion, forging him into a faithful servant. Ulthorn became a husk of his former self known as the Hound, and sought to usurp the Silvenar's role so he could be bonded to the Green Lady through the handfast. This ritual represents the joining of the civilized (the Silvenar) and the wild side (the Green Lady) of the Bosmer. If Ulthorn were to sever the bond, Hircine would succeed in reverting the Bosmer into their primordial nature. Indeed, the Green Lady by nature would influence the Bosmer people to grow feral,[4] turning them into a bestial horde with an unquenchable thirst and hunger.[5]

After becoming the Hound, Ulthorn returned to his home town of Wilding Run, and wiped the local populace as he hunted them for sport.[6] The town was subsequently overseen by Gamekeeper Ozzai, a Harvester entrusted with utilizing the mortal trophies of Hircine's conquests, by hollowing them out into shells that will roam Nirn hunting indiscriminately. Circa 2E 582, after reports that researchers of the Mages Guild started vanishing reached the Fists of Thalmor, they investigated the site and were almost wiped out by Ozzai's creations during an ambush, prompting them to resort to entrusting an adventurer with the investigation. After discovering a shade of what was left of Ulthorn's humanity, it guided them into the Hunting Grounds, where the Harvester was located and slain in her lair, eliminating a potential army from aiding Ulthorn's forces.[7]

The Drublog clan joined forces with the Hound and his Houndsmen, and waged war against the Aldmeri Dominion across Malabal Tor. The clan besieged the town of Velyn Harbor with a band of Redguard mercenaries. The invaders were swiftly displaced by an agent of the Dominion and the Fists of Thalmor.[8][9] The attack had prompted an investigation of the Drublog's stronghold, Dra'bul that led to the death of Chieftain Agrakh and the Drublog's change in allegiance to the Green Lady.[10] On their way to Silvenar, the Silvenar, and his entourage were captured by the Drublog of Jathsogur and kept prisoners on the hilltop. The compound was raided and the Silvenar was secured.[11]

Afterwards, Ulthorn and his werewolves took the city of Silvenar hostage, forcing the city's three great spinners to enact a barrier to keep the Silvenar from the Green Lady, as well as compelling the Guardian of Silvenar to prevent his advance. The Vestige aided Indaenir in defeating the guardian and freeing the hostages, but the Green Lady was enthralled by Hircine's magic, and was utilized by the Hound to prevent Indaenir's further progression. To overcome this, the Vestige exploited her innate warrior tendencies, and challenged her to a battle, which was when Ulthorn joined in the fray. No longer a barrier to withhold him, the Silvenar was able to get in a close distance of his betrothed, allowing him to free her from Hircine's grasp. With Ulthorn's plan thwarted,[12] the events serve as a reminder to the Bosmer of the dangers of taking Hircine's worship to extremes.[13]


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